Gin Review: Ready to Drink with Franklin & Sons

Gin in a tin. Train Gin. Picnic gin.

However you refer to it, it’s a thing. Admittedly in the past we were left with whatever the M&S or Sainsbury’s had to offer and it was limited. Then came the fancy stuff – gin and tonic with cucumber and mint, Mojitos, and the like. Slightly fancier gin (or rum) in a tin.

Now the brands have really woken up to it. To our (my) fondness for a tin on the train, especially after a long day of meetings or schmoozing. Or just because I fancy a gin. Now I have masses of choice, and it’s still growing. The latest to join the Ready to Drink revolution is Portobello Road with Franklin & Sons tonic. 

I first came across Franklin & Sons back when I reviewed the Gin Explorer subscription box. Since then the brand has grown and is to be found in bars all over the country. It’s a good properly fizzy tonic, a good kick of lemon/lime citrus and a nice short dry finish. 

Portobello Road Gin, has been around since 2011 – one of the first new gins on the block. And for a London Dry style gin, it’s very accessible. Light, lots of warm pepper and a gentle citrus. It lends itself well to cocktails and a classic G&T with enough juniper to give it backbone, but not so much that it becomes a heavy ‘ginny’ gin. 

Making the combination of Portobello Road and Franklin & Sons a really good picnic gin. Refreshing, but with enough bite to stand up to a picnic, or that butty you grabbed from Pret before you leapt on the train. And it’s far more convenient than trying to faff with a glass bottle of tonic and a minature gin in either situation. Not everyone carries a bottle opener in their handbag (yes I do, but I’m not everyone). 

And as I mentioned, it’s relatively light, so you might just be able to convince a non-believer or two into giving it a try.

Now we’ve got a good range of G&Ts, as a bit of a gin and ginger fan, can we get a ginger ale and gin in a can too please? I mean, there are still those who don’t like tonic, and they’re missing out. 

Sometimes spice is nice. 



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