Gin Review: One Gin

You may have seen One before – bottled water, soft drinks. Each bottle contributes to clean water projects around the world. It’s an easy way to donate whilst quenching your thirst. And now in the case of One Gin, whilst indulging in a G&T.

One have raised over £15million from sales of soft drinks, but spotted an opportunity in gin’s popularity. Not only would it be an opportunity to move into a different market, but they could create the first ethical gin, with profits going to help those in need. 

One Gin ‘Sage’ is the creation of Sarah at Blackdown Spirits in Sussex – who I spent a fair amount of time with in London recently. What can I say, she had a bar, I had a thirst. In collaboration with One, she has created a gin that’s distinctly savoury, with a herbal finish, that will go to help some of the poorest in the world. 



The gin is distilled with 9 classic botcanicals: juniper, cassia bark, orange, nutmeg, liquorice, angelica, orris, coriander, lemon, and one less so – fresh sage foraged from around the distillery itself.



The result is a rather tasty little number. Neat there are notes of pine, sage and soft citrus on the nose, which is deceptively soft, given the more punchy flavours on the palate. The pine of juniper is loud and proud, along with the lemon from the coriander and lemon peel. Then comes the sage, and the spike of a peppery green herbal finish. 



In a G&T the nose is very soft, a little sweetness, a little pine, a little citrus. And to drink, it’s a refreshing G&T, with a good amount of citrus, green herbals, with the sage and pine softened. Lightly bitter finish lingers after and tempts you back for another sip.  

And another. 

I’ve got a smidge of my sample bottle left. Just enough. And I’m going for something strong. This is a gin that almost begs for a Martini. The peppery bite, just needs a little softening, and then I’m thinking fat crisp nocellara olives.

I’m going to treat this gin, in the way it deserves. And then treat myself to a bottle.

After all, it’s for charity isn’t it?


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