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Gin Review: Manchester Gin – Wild Spirit

It barely seems yesterday that Manchester Gin launched – but now, nearly two years since there were a lot of free G&Ts at Common, it’s come a long way. No longer are Seb and Jen making gin on their kitchen table, they’ve upscaled production, moved to premises behind Piccadilly (along with a number of brewers on the ironically named Temperance Street) and expanded from a team of two to keep up with demand.

They’ve also expanded their range. From their original, gently earthy take on a gin featuring dandellion and burdock, and their soft sweet raspberry with it’s delicate pink hue, they have two more gins to add to their range Wild Spirit, and Overboard. 


Oh, and did I mention they have a shiny new bottle too? They’ve taken the hexagon theme one step further by incorporating it into the glass of the bottle itself, resulting in a distinctive and decorative bottle, mimicking the shape of the label and further expanding on the bee theme. It’s a pretty addition which makes it stand out on a shelf. 

Onto the gins themselves. Wild Spirit is inspired by their walks through the wild parts of our city – our green spaces like Chorlton Water Park. Botanicals include silver birch, sage and thyme, giving it a much more herbal edge than their classic gin. 

Neat, the nose has strong hints of pepper, herbs notes, mint and juniper. Citrus notes sit right at the top. On the palate, it has a sweet and oily mouthfeel. Earthy notes sit at the back, but with lots of herbal layers from the thyme and sage. Long peppered herbal finish. 



In a G&T the nose has hints of herbs and citrus. And on the palate, it’s crisp and herbal. You’re much more able to pull them out individually now they’ve opened up. Deliciously savoury. As someone without a sweet tooth, I’m much more likely to drink this after a hard day in the office, than something sweeter. It’s distinctly satisfying. 

And onto the Overboard. This is their original gin cut at a higher ABV (57%). The higher alcohol level bumps up the flavours and texture of the gin. On the nose, there’s lots  of pine and lemon, and in the mouth it’s rich and oily, liquorice sits right at the bottom with the sweet earthy notes of the dandelion and burdock, then comes the citrus, and a good crisp pepper finish. 

In a G&T, the citrus tickles the nose, with a good juniper backbone, and on the palate, it’s a big beefy gin as you’d expect. Big backbone of juniper, deep earthy notes, pepper finish. 

Two more fantastic gins from Manchester Gin, and a gorgeous bottle too. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned next. 


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