Gin Review: Far Reaches gin

One intriguing byproduct of the gin craze, explosion, whatever you want to call it is the exploration of botanicals. We began with herbs, spices and peels. We’re now going further with more fruits, barks, leaves – whether they’re British hedgerow flavours, or something more exotic. 

Such as Far Reaches Gin. It’s the product of well travelled husband and wife team, Andrew and Emma. Keen travellers, and gin drinkers, and at some point during their travels across the world, they had a dream of creating their own spirit.

Their distant travels, have inspired the botanicals they’ve decided to use in their gin. The thirteen botanicals include Macedonian and Italian juniper, Grains of Paradise from their home continent of Africa, kumquat from Asia, sarsaparilla berry from America and quandong from Australia. If like me you have no idea what a quandong is, their a fruit that looks a little like a pomegranate – but with a pit at the centre, like a peach or nectarine. 

The gin is produced in a 500-litre pot still in London and is a London Dry style gin, which means we can expect a good hit of juniper. Their exploration of gin saw them experiment with a number of botanical samples before they settled on their final recipe. 



So, what does it taste like?

Neat, on the nose it’s surprisingly gentle, a hint of sweetness, and juniper oiliness. And on the palate, there’s a rich and oily mouthfeel that’s almost syrupy. Light, peppery, lots of citrus – layers of it, offset with a vanilla richness. and a light bitter finish, with a touch of acidity. Would be great in a Martini before dinner to get those taste buds going. The citrussy finish lingers a little. 

In a G&T it’s gently bitter and herbal with standard tonic. It’s easy to see why Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic would be a good fit because the sweetness would soften some of the bitterness, and open out the herbals. 



Of course, if you fancy getting creative, they’ve also sent me a Breakfast Martini Recipe, that I think I’ll be indulging in soon – after all, tis the season for cocktails at breakfast, right?


Far Reaches Breakfast Martini


– 15ml Homemade quandong, juniper and kumquat marmalade (or store-bought kumquat or juniper marmalade – Hawkshead Relish have a great one)

– 50ml Far Reaches Dry Gin

– 15ml Dry Vermouth

– 25ml Cointreau

– A large handful of ice

Place one tablespoon of the marmalade into a stirring glass or jug.  Add the Gin, Vermouth, Cointreau and ice.  Stir for 30 seconds to chill and dilute. Strain and pour into a Martini glass, and garnish with slices of kumquat and a sprig of rosemary. 


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