Gin Review: Batch Innovations, Pear & Blackberry Gin

And so we come to the end of the Batch Innovations for 2018. We’ve had everything from a Sherry Cask Aged Rum, to an Absinthe Gin. 

It’s been a fantastic year for Batch Spirits as a whole – their Industrial Gin was judged as one of the best spirits in the world at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. A number of the gins went from being part of the Innovations special releases to being part of their general stock list, including the stunning Absinthe Gin, Gin Rummy and Mr GFB’s personal favourite, Hop Vodka. 

What’s more, the Batch Innovations range is going to continue! Next year there promises to be yet more creativity, and lots of new flavour profiles to enjoy. Again, it’s £35 per month (or you can pay for a year, or 6 months). And even more intriguing, there’s now a loyalty scheme. Every time you buy you earn points that you can redeem against spirits on the site. Even more incentive to grow your booze collection.  

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have notice, as I write about the final one of the year (the full list can be found here), that we were missing a month. Sadly, due to a website move, and a bit of an error, I missed out on November’s spirit, the Colour Changing Raspberry Vodka, and sadly, as Batch Spirits have confirmed, it was so popular that there is none left!

So, I must skip a month, and so we arrive here, at December, but before I begin the review of this little pretty, I’m interested in your opinion, dear reader. I have the option of course to renew for next year? Have you found the series interesting? The tasting notes helpful? I’m very tempted, as I’ve already spotted the USA Breakfast Rum exclusive to club members, which uses maple, pecan and blueberries. I have serious booze FOMO. 



The final release for 2018 is a Pear & Blackberry Gin. This however, as you can tell from the pictures of the G&T, has a little extra added – there’s a little glitter to the spirit that made my G&T almost glow! It’s sadly too subtle for my camera to pick up in the bottle itself, but when I added tonic to my drink, it becomes very obvious that there’s a little something something extra. 

To the gin itself, neat there are lots of Christmassy spice notes, there’s a rich sweet note, almost jammy to it, that comes out when you taste it too. Sweet fruit first, juniper sitting in the back of the mouth, then spices hit the palate, then the spice and a syrupy finish. 

And in a G&T, you get fruit, citrus, and a smack of juniper, before a lovely jammy finish that lingers just a little bit after you sip. Meaning of course that you go back in for another drink.

Batch, it’s been a bloody fabulous 12 months of flavour, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeves for 2019.


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This product was received free of charge for review purposes. 

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