Gin Review: Batch Innovations, Long Yin Gin

Another month, and another Batch Innovations treat. And believe me, when I say this one is definitely a treat. 

Batch Innovations is a monthly subscription which gives you access to spirits you can’t sample any other way. In time, like some of those from last year, they make make it into regular production, but not only will you get to try them first, you can also try lots that are one off creations. I enjoyed last year’s spirits so much, I renewed by subscription, so I can try yet more in 2019.

A well established distillery will often work with others to help them bring their ideas to life. Sometimes that’s in the form of advice or help in aiding them to do it for themselves. Sometimes it’s a collaboration. One person has the idea, the spark, and the other, in this case Batch, has the expertise – and that’s how Long Yin came to be. Distilled in collaboration with the brand owner, Sandro, who had an idea, and knew what botanicals he wanted to use, he also knew that Batch had the know how. It’s East meeting West in a G&T.

The botanicals in Long Yin are a somewhat unusual list, and given the flavour profiles, it takes real skill to balance them. Classic botanicals, juniper, coriander, cassia and liquorice form the base. They’re followed by Buddha’s Hand, goji berry, pomelo, chrysanthemum, ginger root, red date, apricot kernel, star anise, Sichuan pepper, and galangal. Florals, citrus, spices, nuttiness, and sweetness. Having tasted it, nothing is overpowering anything else, everything really is in a gentle balance.



Neat, on the nose you’ve got spice and a hint of boiled sweets – like the outer to a lemon sherbet. The mouthfeel is round and syrupy, there are layers of citrus, backed up by juniper, and a soft lemony ginger finish. And it lingers gently, like you’ve been sucking a lemon sherbet sweets. Makes you want to head in for another sip, and another. 

In a G&T, it opens up beautifully, citrus, gentle florals, and a little ginger. On the palate, it’s full of tart citrus, ginger, lemon sherbet, a little pepper and juniper rounding it off.

This gin is right up my street. It’s easy to see why it’s proving so popular in China, it’s a great sipper, and works so well in a G&T. I can also see it working beautifully in a Martini with a sliver of lemon or grapefruit peel. Or a Tom Collins for something sharp and refreshing. Or a Ramos Gin Fizz for something soft, and creamily citrussy. 

I’m going to need my shaker and a bar spoon… 


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This item was paid for by myself, but utilising a discount. 

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