Gin Review: Batch Innovations, Industrial Gin

It’s February, so it must be time for the next of the Batch Innovations. A monthly release from the distillery in Burnley, showcasing different spirits, and the creativity of the team. 

This time, it’s something that nods to both Burnley’s past as a cotton town, and it’s reputation for engineering and manufacturing. It’s the Industrial Strength Gin.

Based on their original gin, the recipe has been adjusted – the spice is lightened, the juniper bumped up and there’s the addition of Melissa – lemon balm. The bottle design too is taking influence from industry – with a stunning label design from artist Bodie Cameron taking influence from Rosie the Riveter and Tank Girl.



Even the bottle arrived with it’s very own spotted headscarf. 



The gin comes in at a high 55%. Just slightly shy of a Navy Strength Gin (57.5 abv) it’s punchy, but still comfortably drinkable neat. On the nose, you can tell the juniper is dialled up, lots of citrus, and coriander. Hints of florals and spice. The lemon balm tickles around the edges herbal notes.

On the palate, it’s powerful. but not ‘hot’. There’s a lovely oily mouthfeel, lots of citrus, herbal notes. Oddly the herbals and citrus dominates, not the juniper. The citrus led herbal notes linger on the tongue for a while afterwards. In this respect it’s a sipper. You don’t want to drink it too fast, just take your time properly savour it. 



That said, it makes a fabulous G&T. It’s bold and crisp. There’s lots of juniper, citrus and just a whisper of spice. Leaning more on the classic notes, if you like an older style G&T this is definitely going to suit you.


Now I did try this in a Gimlet (my go to for a big abv gin) and it was tasty, but not quite right. The lemon balm means it needs a gentler hand. So I may have to have a play with the cocktail recommended on the blog later this week – their Industri-oil Martini. 

Either way, this is a cracking gin. And once again just goes to show the versatility of the Batch team. I can’t wait for the next!

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