Gin Review: Batch Innovations, Gin Rummy

This month’s Batch Innovation is a new one even for me. I’ve pretty much had every style of gin you can imagine. I’ve sampled those with unusual botanicals (from oysters to seaweed to saffron). I’ve had gins that are aged in barrels (one of my favourites is the latest from Locksley Distilling which is aged in Sauternes casks), but gin and rum? 

Every month Batch have been getting creative – whether it’s their Hop Vodka or their Absinthe or even their Sherry Cask Rum, the Innovations concept has allowed them to experiment and expand their range. But this one was a bit of an eye opener. Using two of their gins, they’ve then used both a PX Sherry Cask and a Whiskey Barrel to age them, creating something really rather different.

Whilst their initial idea was around spicing their Rum with some of the key botanicals from their gin, in the end they used a blend of both their Signature gin and their Batch Industrial Strength Gin, ageing the resulting spirit in the same barrel as their Batch Sherry Cask Rum, also spending a little time in one of their Whiskey barrels.

The result is an incredibly well balanced blend of the flavours you’d find in a rum, with the junipery backbone of a gin. 

The nose is soft. Sweet, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon. The palate too is soft. There’s a bite of juniper at the back, lots of soft spice, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon, then a little citrus nip to finish. It’s the bastard child of rum and gin, and it’s a bit bloody good. I can see a lot of rum lovers being swayed by this as an introduction to gin. 

This time too, there’s an alternative serve. A G&T was suggested, but I went all in. For a Gin Rummy and Coke. 



It really works. The soft flavours of the ageing, followed with a gentle nip of juniper at the back. A very soft, smooth easy drink. And a little bit moreish. 

There’s no word as to whether this will be released into the wild, but if not, I’m pretty certain I’m going to have to hide the bottle from Mr GFB. As a bit of a rum fan, I can see this becoming a new household favourite. 


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