Gin Launch: Four Sis4ers Distillery

If you like beer, you may have heard of Seven Bro7hers Brewery and their beerhouse in Ancoats. I for one have long been a fan of their Watermelon Wheat Beer, their collaboration beer, Fanny’s Passion, their IPA and – well let’s be honest, I rather like their beer full stop. 

What you may not realise is that the seven brothers also have four sisters. And these four sisters also like a little something crisp and delicious in their glasses too – except in their case, it’s not beer, it’s gin. So it was perhaps not a surprise when the Seven Bro7hers slowly found a little portion of their brewery being slowly sequestered to become the Four Sis4ers Distillery. 

Before they knew it, a storage room had been taken over entirely, their still Frederica installed and the ladies were distilling their own gin at the site in Salford. 



Now, before I go any further, as the eldest of four, the fact that all eleven siblings can work together (if indirectly) without falling out is impressive. Whilst I love my sisters and my brother dearly, we are much better friends for spending a lot of time apart. And I’m pretty sure that they’d acknowledge that too. Though one of them might not, just for the sake of being contrary, because family. 

(And yes, I know exactly which one of them it will be). 


Speaking of siblings, the gin launch took place at the Seven Bro7hers Beerhouse, in Ancoats and was a huge family (and friends) affair. Gin and tonics were available for everyone to try, as well as a selection of fabulous cocktails – including the Blueberry Collins, a Blue Bramble and the Salford Expresso – ginny twist on an espresso Martini, which proved a bit of a favourite. 

Along with the launch of their first gin, it’s clear they’re looking ahead, as there was also the opportunity to choose between two secret gins – to influence their next creation. 


But while we wait for that pretty to be released, a more in depth look at the Four Sis4ers Gin itself. The gin is made in their still, Frederica and uses a one shot distillation method, with the botanicals in a muslin bag at the top of the still. This style of distillation means that there’s no opportunity for the alcohol to break down the botanicals in depth, resulting in a light, fragrant gin. 

The botanicals include:  juniper, coriander, angelica, orris, vassia, Llquorice, almonds, mastiche, lemon, orange and blueberry. Neat, on the nose, there’s a soft sweetness, juniper and citrus. On the palate there’s a lightly oily mouthfeel, gentle juniper, soft citrus, sweet fruit led, lemon finish. It’s very accessible, very easy to drink neat which means it lends itself well to a Martini, or even just neat, with a little ice.


In a G&T, it’s light, citrussy with just a hint of fruitiness which makes it a real gateway gin – it’s not got the intense juniper forward notes of a London Dry, so ideal for those who don’t like a ‘ginny’ gin, and for those who are new to gin and starting to dip their toe in (metaphorically speaking – please don’t waste gin).

And with the sun in the sky a little more often, softly refreshing and perfect for the summer.

See you in the beer garden?

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