Game On at the Museum

There’s one thing I miss – that blogging, writing, training and spending so much time out and about keeps me away from. No, not Mr GFB, he does sometimes come out to play with me. It’s gaming.

Way back (showing my age now) we had a C64, that I loved so much, I even learned to programme it a little bit. It eventually bit the dust, and we had an Amstrad for a while (I have very fond memories of  Burnin’ Rubber), then a Mega Drive (ahhh Sonic, Lemmings and Prince of Persia, how I miss you). 


Finally, I started to earn a wage and we had Playstation. I lost hours in the worlds of Diablo, Broken Sword, Crash Bandicoot, Jersey Devil, Medieval, and Rayman to name one or two. 



Now, though I own a fair few games (give me something where I hit stuff with a big axe or sword and I’m happy), I just don’t have the time to devote to them, but it remains a passion. I still love it. I have so little time to play, but Mr GFB does, and the move in more recent years to real storytelling within games, makes them much more fun to watch. So much so that poor Mr GFB cannot play the story lines of bigger games such as GTA or Fallout without me. 


This week, however, I can combine everything into one event. The Museum of Science and Industry are launching PLAY it! Manchester – a hands on gaming event offering visitors the chance to play the best consoles and games from the past 30 years.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me or Mr GFB away.

There’ll also be some of the best and most popular titles from Manchester-based studio, Ocean Software – responsible for creating some of the best games of the 1980s and 1190s, including the above mentioned Jersey Devil and Burnin’ Rubber, that brought me hours of fun as a kid.

And for those of us who remember the 80s, there’s a whole section devoted to programming challenges, freestyle BASIC programming, educational software and classic arcade games on the original educational computer the BBC Micro

Journey into nostalgia with Pong and Pacman, or show off your Minecraft and Halo skills – or show your kids what life was like before the iPad- the horror! 

And I’ll see you on the Lego station, because I love me some building action. 

PLAY it! Manchester runs from Saturday 25 July to Sunday 9 August at the Museum of Science and Industry as part of the museum’s summer programme. Grab your tickets now. 


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