Forty Before Forty

Today’s blog is a little bit different. 

Let me explain….

And apologise in advance for the wobbly camera work. I’ll get better. I promise). 


So, here’s the full list. Wish me luck!

40 Before 40

  1.  Review the papers on TV/Radio

  2.  Run an ultra marathon

  3.  Run another marathon

  4.  Re-learn to ride a bike

  5.  Start vlogging

  6.  Do a nude/lingerie shoot (body positive)

  7.  Learn how to/have a go at roasting coffee

  8.  Raise over £5000 for charity

  9.  Co/Host a radio show

  10.  Make haggis

  11.  Deadlift 150 kg

  12.  Back squat 200kg

  13.  Ride a horse

  14.  Distill my own gin

  15.  Design/brew a beer

  16.  Run over 1000km over a year.

  17.  Visit a cat cafe (and try not to move in).

  18.  Be published in a national publication

  19.  Learn to Lindy Hop

  20.  Knit a blanket for my bed

  21.  Go fell running

  22.  Visit gravestones of family tree

  23.  Do a RAOK every week for a year

  24.  Say hello or nod to as many runners that I pass while out running myself as possible.

  25.  Write more fiction

  26.  Volunteer more within Stretford

  27.  Learn to use a chefs knife properly

  28.  Run in the new year

  29.  Go clay pigeon shooting (again) and improve my score

  30.  Read War & Peace

  31.  Get another tattoo

  32.  Make a gin based sausage

  33.  Have a Sunday lunch with friends or family once a month.

  34.  Go on holiday again because it’s been a long time since I last did!

  35.  Visit a vineyard

  36.  Wear better underwear.

  37.  Regularly do yoga/pilates/Body Balance

  38.  Instagram daily and be less afraid of selfies

  39.  Create a happiness jar

  40.  Find a pair of jeans that fit


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