Forty Before Forty: The Remix

Around this time last year, as my 38th birthday crept towards me, I did a post with a list of things I wanted to manage before I hit forty (late August 2018).

Since then, I’ve managed one or two of the things on the list, but some, well some just aren’t going to happen. At the time of creating it, I didn’t realise I’d go on to break my foot. I didn’t realise just how long recovery from that was going to take. And I certainly didn’t envisage turning my hand (well, my whole body really) to powerlifting.

So, it’s only fair I update the list, right? I mean it wasn’t a laminated version, and real life got in the way a bit. The ultramarathon isn’t going to happen, I’m far too unfit, and pushing too hard for lifting competitions. And believe me when I say that lifting and endurance running aren’t exactly the best of friends. 

So, lets get it revised:

1. Review the papers on TV/Radio

2. Run an ultra marathon  2. Read all the books in my backlog

Yeah, no. This isn’t going to happen. I still would like to have it on my bucket list, but I’m realistic. So, I’m going to replace it with reading. I have so many books sitting on a pile on my coffee table (OK I lie, in the table, on the floor, next to the bed too). I never seem to get any time to read them, so I must make time. Even if only to make sure I have space on the table again.

3. Run another marathon

I’m keeping this one in for now. There’s still time, and I’ve balloted for London, so… it’s a maybe. If not, I’ll walk one.

4. Re-learn to ride a bike

5. Start vlogging

I’ve started, ish, but not regularly. 

6. Do a nude/lingerie shoot (body positive) 

Yay!!! One I can tick off the list. If you’ve missed it, details are here.



7. Learn how to/have a go at roasting coffee

8. Raise over £5000 for charity

I really haven’t even started on this! I need to get on it – find a cause and something scary enough to get people to sponsor me this much! Answers on a postcard (or at the bottom of this blog post) please!

9. Co/Host a radio show

I have reported on radio for BBC Radio Manchester – do we think I can count that? Or  I could expand it to include podcasts, so maybe someone has a suggestion?

10. Make haggis

11. Deadlift 150 kg

Definitely doable. I’m at 100kg now, so I just keep going.



12. Back squat 200kg

Hmm. I’m keeping it, even though my PT raised his eyebrows at me.

13. Ride a horse

14. Distill my own gin

Another one I’ve done! I’ve been lucky enough to distill with both Nelson’s Gin, and Manchester Three Rivers.

15.Design/brew a beer

16. Run over 1000km over a year 16. More Body Positivity/Body Acceptance/Kicking ass as a fat bird 

I’m really sad about changing this, but whilst I haven’t got a plan, I’m determined to make this a massive positive one, that links into the Body Image Movement

17. Visit a cat cafe (and try not to move in)

Keep an eye out for the review!

18. Be published in a national publication

19. Learn to Lindy Hop

20. Knit a blanket for my bed

21. Go fell running

22. Visit gravestones of family tree

23. Do a RAOK every week for a year

Proud to say this one is on course!

24. Say hello or nod to as many runners that I pass while out running myself as possible.

I’m counting this one as done – I’ve been doing it consistently on every run. Even when I’ve been ignored, and I’ll keep doing it, because for those who do say hello, it’s a great boost to the run. 

25. Write more fiction

26. Volunteer more within Stretford

27. Learn to use a chefs knife properly

28. Run in the new year

Done! This was so much fun – New Years Eve this year, my sister and I forwent the booze and pulled on our runners instead. We loved it so much we’re doing it again this year.

29. Go clay pigeon shooting (again) and improve my score

30. Read War & Peace

31. Get another tattoo

32. Make a gin based sausage



33. Have a Sunday lunch with friends or family once a month.

34. Go on holiday again because it’s been a long time since I last did!

35. Visit a vineyard

36. Wear better underwear.

37. Regularly do yoga/pilates/Body Balance

38. Instagram daily and be less afraid of selfies

Since the introduction of stories, I’m considering this one done. I do videos, daily snaps. 

39. Create a happiness jar

40. Find a pair of jeans that fit

This one too is done! More on the jeans later, I’m in love with them, so it’s only fair I do a full review.  

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