Forty Before Forty – Oh sh*t I’ve only got 5 months left!

Holy crap.

I’ve got just over 5 months left, and a lot to cover. Time for a final review before the date hits (late August for those counting).



You can find the original (ambitious) list here, and the revised list here. So, er, let’s look at the whole lack of progress. 

1. Review the papers on TV/Radio

Anyone? Ideas? Suggestions? I’ve all but offered to everyone? Maybe I should just do a Facebook Live of them or something. Fake up a BBC Breakfast sofa? 

2. Read all the books in my backlog

I’ve started! I promise! OK, a bit. I read a couple and started two more and then bought another two. It’s a work in progress.

3. Run another marathon

Nope. Not going to happen. I’m far, far too invested in lifting for another marathon. I might just have to shuffle this one over into a Fifty Before Fifty (and just writing that was a bit scary). Hmm. 

4. Re-learn to ride a bike

Kind of? I did learn again, but since then my bike has been languishing in the shed. 

5. Start vlogging

Ummm….. *Looks blank* Do Instagram stories count?

6. Do a nude/lingerie shoot (body positive) 

7. Learn how to/have a go at roasting coffee

*AHEM* Heart & Graft? Second City? Anyone? 

8. Raise over £5000 for charity

Still not even come close. I’ve probably donated this month in time and events, and money? Does that count? Probably not. 

9. Co/Host a radio show

I’ve been a reporter for BBC Radio Manchester during their outreach week, I’ll count that as done, unless something else arises. My potty mouth could be an issue.

10. Make haggis

11. Deadlift 150 kg

I’m at 110kg+ So er… Maybe?

12. Back squat 200kg

Nope. I’m at about half that, so not so shabby. But 200kg in five months is beyond ambitious. 

13. Ride a horse

14. Distill my own gin

I’ve done this 3 times now, so considering that a win. 

15.Design/brew a beer

16. More Body Positivity/Body Acceptance/Kicking ass as a fat bird 

Ongoing – I’ve done loads, but there is always more to do. 

17. Visit a cat cafe (and try not to move in)

18. Be published in a national publication

19. Learn to Lindy Hop

20. Knit a blanket for my bed

21. Go fell running

22. Visit gravestones of family tree

23. Do a RAOK every week for a year

From lending out my locker, to giving away my brolly, to helping new spinners figure out the Read Rider Bikes, I’m considering this one a total win.

24. Say hello or nod to as many runners that I pass while out running myself as possible.

25. Write more fiction

26. Volunteer more within Stretford

27. Learn to use a chefs knife properly

28. Run in the new year

29. Go clay pigeon shooting (again) and improve my score

30. Read War & Peace

31. Get another tattoo

I actually know what I want. I dreamt it. I just need to make it a reality.

32. Make a gin based sausage

33. Have a Sunday lunch with friends or family once a month.

Not even this has happened. Fail. 

34. Go on holiday again because it’s been a long time since I last did!

It’s booked! It’s not til October, but still, it’s happening! 

35. Visit a vineyard

Vague plans for this. There’s one in Lancashire that needs a visit (they do afternoon tea too).

36. Wear better underwear.

YES! I do, I have fancy schmancy knickers and bras and stockings and everything. 

37. Regularly do yoga/pilates/Body Balance

They moved my class to a time that I just can’t do. I’m looking into alternatives. 

38. Instagram daily and be less afraid of selfies

Since the introduction of stories, I’m considering this one done. I do videos, daily snaps. 

39. Create a happiness jar

40. Find a pair of jeans that fit

Thank you Simply Be for making jeans that fit my booty beautifully. Please don’t EVER STOP MAKING THEM. 

5 months. This is doable right? Kinda? Maybe? 

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