FLUX Period Panties

A couple of weeks ago, I told you about Wake Up Kick Ass – the period-wear Kickstarter that was looking for funding. 

Not only am I thrilled to say it’s been funded and a little more, but I now have a second period related kickstarter for you to get involved in. Whereas Wake Up Kick Ass offers knickers to help get you through those days where you might be heavy, or just entirely paranoid (like me) about leakage, these are a step further.

Firstly, FLUX panties are designed for the whole duration of your period. You don’t need anything else, no tampons, no pads, no cup. Secondly, the come in a range of designs. From full knickers, to something a little skimpier, there’s a design for everyone – including detachable sides, so they are incredibly user friendly if you don’t have the mobility to pull off and on, or if you just prefer easy access (or if you’re stuck in the tiniest of bloody loo cubicles where you’re still trying to figure out how they managed to fit a sanitary bin in there, let alone the loo and you). They are also, as you’d expect a panty like this to be, super absorbent, reusable, stain resistant, antimicrobial and antiodour.  

Finally, their campaign is beautifully diverse. I mean just look at them. 



Beauts. All of them. 

Whats even better, for a plus size bird like me, is the sizing. It goes up to a size 28-30. These are the most diverse size wise I’ve seen anywhere, which makes me incredibly happy. 

So you can pick your size, your style and the flow level to suit you. 



And for every pair bought, they’ll send a pair to a developing country, to help end period shame.

It takes a fair bit to get me excited about period related stuff, but this could be a bit of a game changer. I’m putting a few quid in, and plan on giving these a full test when I get my grubby mitts on them. 

I’ll keep you posted, but if you can’t wait – you can find out more and contribute yourself, here

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