Flavoured Tequila Salt Initiative

What’s a Margarita without a salted rim? Personally there’s nothing more pleasing than the sourness in your mouth, the sting of salt on your lips and the tequila in your bloodstream. Margaritas have fast become my go-to cocktail after a stressful week.

So when Zing and Ocho Tequila create the UK¹s first flavoured salt initiative, the salt flavoured and blended to match with the tequila, I got rather excited. Unfortunately this little launch was in London. Dammit. 

Luckily a fellow Ginger Tart stepped in to assist and visit the event for me. A fellow Margarita lover, and fellow redhead (though hers is totally natural) she’s a woman after my own heart. Over to you Louise.

Nothing motivates me more on a Monday than an invitation to Margarita tasting in the evening!

Upon arriving in the quaint first floor Mexican Parlour above La Perla restaurant, which is without doubt the best Mexican food in London (note made, Ed), we were greeted by the charming Pritesh Mody, founder of the World of Zing. He explained how the sampling would work – lots of Margaritas but we must try each of the salts showcased by  World of Zing. Our barman for the night walked us through dipping glass into water, then salt, then fill with Tequila.
Flavoured Tequila Salt Initiative

Pritesh has worked to create the salt initiative to allows bartenders to a ‘touch of zing’ to classic cocktails, such as the Margarita and offers consumers the opportunity to choose the flavour of the salt rim on their cocktail. Instead of a simple sea salt or even refined salt rim, they can choose from 10 flavours, all made with a base of La Baleine Sea Salt, and range from the floral Hibiscus and Mexican Cactus, through to Coconut & Lime and Applewood Smoked.

Flavoured Tequila Salt Initiative

I started off with chilli and lime salt whilst my friend had hibiscus salt in a delightful bright pink colour. The chilli and lime salt packed flavour, and certainly added to the drink, however the hibiscus salt left a lot to be desired.
Flavoured Tequila Salt Initiative

Next on our list was the seaweed salt, amazing flavour and would use it on fish but we didn’t like it in combination with tequila.21 April 2015

Finally (because there’s a limit to how many Margaritas I can drink these days apparently) smoked Apple wood salt, smelled wonderful and was my favourite of the bunch.
Flavoured Tequila Salt Initiative

I am a lover of salt in most foods, however I found the world of Zing salts to be a little too thick and ‘rock salt’ like, which lead to drinking out of the non salted part of the glass, and drinking a lot of water and more Margaritas.


Oops. Sounds like some were a hit and some a miss for Louise. But you know what, I think I’m going to have to have a sample myself. You know, just to be certain. 


It’s only fair, right?


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