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A couple of weeks ago my timeline on social media blew up a bit – I’m sure you all remember the story, the influencer who posted pictures that were… Let’s face it, a little bit ridiculous compared to the reality of everyday life. And of course advertising a certain mouthwash brand

Since then, there’s been a bit of a backlash against influencers. That they’re showing something other than reality. That they’re showing a world that’s totally unbelievable, and unachievable. 

The truth is, that’s pretty much always been the case. Originally influencers would have been the rich and famous. Some Hollywood model showcasing a shampoo, or a perfume, or an actor posing in his pants. Now I’m classed as an influencer (albeit a small one) because I have social media reach. It’s not a term I particularly like (much as I’m not a fan of the term foodie, or as bartenders don’t tend to like the term ‘mixologist’), but humans like putting people in easy boxes. And influencer is a catch all term – it can mean a blogger, someone with a big following on Instagram, or a Youtuber.

So we’re kind of stuck with it, at least until a better term comes along, and along with that comes those who are ‘good’ and those who are ‘bad’. The latter tend to be those who use it to make money. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s this idea in the public mind that a blogger, Instagrammer or Youtuber who makes money off the back of their fame must be a bad person because they will allow money to sway them. Not may, or might, will.

The truth is, it’s far more complicated than that. People can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ whether they make money or not. There are those who absolutely make money, but are actually the nicest people ever and only ever endorse stuff they believe in. There are those who will endorse something whoever pays them. Yes, it’s a minefield, but it has always been that way, and probably always will. 

Always look out for the #ad hashtag, or #sponsored or similar terms. The Advertising Standards Agency indicates that anything promoting a brand in this way must be open about it. Otherwise they are breaking the law. 

It’s also a reminder that social media can often (not always) be just the highlights of someones life. Only the happy days, high days and holidays. And then add in filters and editing, and not all of it is 100% truthful. And that’s the case whoever you are – I mean, how much of your own Facebook page is just the good stuff?

But here’s the thing. You control your feed. You control what you see. And if someone is making you feel bad about yourself, then you hold the power to press that unfollow button. Or the mute if you’re not 100% sure yet (mute it, see if you miss it and if not….)

For all that, for all the above, there are some amazing accounts on social media. Those who are positive, and open, and honest. Those who talk openly about mental health, about their bodies, about their lives. Some make money, some don’t. They’re from all walks of life, but they’re real, down to earth people. Some have big followings, some small. Some talk beauty, some talk mental health issues. 

Here are just seven (seriously, I could be here all day) that I follow. 


The unicorn haired, beauty who is open and honest about everything from her body positive journey, to how adorable her dogs are. But she also talks about the bad days, the no make up days, the can’t get out of bed days. 


From posing in her pants, to mental health, sloths (she loves them) to make up, to suicide. She is another blogger who is open, both about her body positive journey and her mental health. 

While we’re talking mental health, Si too, is on his own journey. He too is open, honest, and some times as with Liv, raw in his openness about it all. Oh and also talks food and recipes too. 


I bloody love Em. From puppers to chemo, to her silverware. She is open about everything and sometimes makes your heart hurt a little bit.


More body positivity, no filters, lots of creativity and energy. 


The reason I don’t use a filter on pictures of me. Real people, real images, zero filters.


I don’t follow many mummy bloggers. Mostly because whilst I’m sure your kids are awesome, I’m not a mum, and have no wish to be one, and certainly don’t need to know that little Monica loves her toy from whatever big department store. Who I do love is Zara. She is a mum and will talk openly about it, but it’s not all hearts and roses, and big pink bows. It’s Instagram stories of her pulling faces at her mini me, wanting to be the best mum she can (and not always feeling like she can) and stunning make up, that I just can’t even.

Hopefully, these account will help bring a little positivity to your world – and if you think there are more I need to follow, let me know! 

2 thoughts on “Filter Your Feed

  1. Honestly I felt so honoured reading this! Thank you so much Charlie for the love!
    Even when mini me can be damned trying

    And the faces, oh wow there could be a compilation!

    Thank you! It’s an honour to be with some amazing content creators, including yourself! X

    1. The thing is love, that you’re open and honest about it all, from snotty noses to 5am starts. That’s what people appreciate – me included xxx

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