Fifteen Festive Favourites

So after being away for nearly a week, I feel very behind when it comes to all things Christmassy. I haven’t been to the Christmas Markets yet, nor have I unpacked my Christmas jumper from the back of the wardrobe!
Luckily, Keeley of Phat Cupcake tagged me in this post, so this can start the process, then I might just reach for the mulled wine and dig out the Christmas decorations…
01. Favourite Festive Food
Where to start? Mince pies, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes. Oh and the gravy!
But actually, probably a family tradition. I love sprouts. What I love even better is on Boxing Day, when we use the veggies – sprouts, carrots, buttery mash and roasties to make bubble and squeak and then have a fried egg or two and some bacon with it. I have to make extra of everything just so we can have this on Boxing Day, but my god it’s worth it.
02. Favourite Reindeer
Hmmm. Never really though about it. Rudolph would be too obvious. He was the underdog, but went on to be the opposite. So, one of the other reindeers would become the underdog, right? But which would it be?
03. Favourite Day of Christmas
I love Christmas Day, but that’s because I do most of my prep on Christmas Eve.
But, there’s a point on Christmas Eve when I know I’m prepared. Presents are wrapped, veggies prepped, meat doing whatever it needs to, shopping done. That moment. That point where I can just relax and pour a gin, or head to the pub, or just have a cup of tea and sit down. That moment is the best bit.
04. Favourite Christmas Song
Easy, though it’s not exactly traditional.
 I really love Richard Cheese. For non-traditional swing, he’s a winner.
05. Favourite Present
So far? Last year’s gift from Mr GFB – a single share in Brew Dog. I loved it. And still do.
Unfortunately,  I still don’t have my share information and emailing them doesn’t seem to work….
06. Favourite Festive Film
Home Alone.
And any of the ridiculously cheesy Channel 5 Christmas films. Sitting wrapping, or putting the decorations up watching those, I can’t imagine anything more perfect. Christmas fromage.
07. Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
Spinning top, or dice.
Maybe this year I’ll use the dice for the bar adventure I always promise myself I’ll have.
08. Favourite Cracker Joke
How do snowmen get around?                                  On an icicle!
09. Favourite Christmas Decoration
All the decorations I have on my tree I bought when I first moved into my flat in 2001, for my first Christmas in my new home. Though I went home to my parents’ for Christmas Day, they’re still really precious to me, even though they are really cheap and cheerful.
10. Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
Something orange and spicy – though the Jo Malone Cherry & Clove smells amazing!
11. Favourite Christmas TV Advert
The Sainsbury’s advert, understandably is brilliant this year, John Lewis always pull something out of the bag, but personally, the Oxo adverts with Lynda Bellingham will always be favourites, and given her death this year, I’m glad Oxo have said they’re going to reshow this one in tribute.
12. Favourite Festive Tradition
I started a tradition last year, that instead of presents, I see everyone for drinks, or dinner, or afternoon tea. It takes the pressure off gift giving (as most people can’t figure out what to buy me and vice versa) and as I’m usually rushing around doing stuff, seeing people and spending proper time with them is much more precious.
13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas
Mr GFB and I have been doing Christmas at home so long, we have our own traditions. I go for a run Christmas day, while it’s so quiet I can almost run down the middle of the road. There are usually only dog walkers around.
Then we have eggs Benedict for breakfast,  open presents around lunch time, watch lots of rubbish TV before dinner is around 5/6pm.
14. Favourite Christmas Fact
It’s considered unlucky to cut open a mince pie with a knife.
15. Favourite Snowman Accessory
 What’s a snowman, or snowwoman for that matter, without a scarf? Brighter the better.
And that’s me done! Mulled wine now in hand…..
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