Festive Cocktails at Ply, Manchester

We’re officially four weeks away from the big day, so stuff it, time to talk turkey, or er, Christmas. 

After all, most of us have already at least thought about Christmas shopping, the majority of Christmas parties will have been booked, and we’re knee deep in visitors to the Christmas markets. 

Speaking of which, if you’re not in the mood for a kirsch laden gluhwein, or a mulled cider, Ply might have an antidote or two (though that said, their own spins on these are well worth a sample). 



But let’s start at the beginning, with the first on the list, the Dolce Vita. This little nod to Italy has a creamy, round eggnog feel to it, the pannetone infused rum comes through on the finish, and it’s gentle sweetness means that it was perhaps my favourite on the menu. 



Next we had two featuring Prosecco, but two very different drinks. The Blackberry Messenger is soft, fruity, fizzy and refreshing. The White Chocolate Snowball is much drier than you’d expect, soft, fluffy and creamy with the ‘wine’ flavour of the Prosecco kicking in at the end. The latter I don’t think is going to be quite for everyone, particularly those of us who remember the original Snowballs fondly. That reminds me, someone nudge me to stock up on Advocaat. 

One cocktail we both adored was the Roasted Peach Old Fashioned. I’m a sucker for peaches and Old Fashioneds separately, so together this was guaranteed to be a winner – especially as the peaches that are infused in the Bourbon are roasted in the pizza oven, giving them a gently smoky note. 


Finally, there are the ‘hot’ ones. For the chocoholics, there’s the Hot Chocolate Wine. Port, Brandy, Cocoa and spice come together in a rich cup of warmth. Perfect if you’ve been braving the shoppers over the festive period and need to both warm up, and soothe your frazzled nerves. Anyone who has braved Market Street or the Arndale in December knows what I’m talking about. 



Finally there’s the Hot Apple Punch. Calvados, apple, cardamom and honey form a hot toddy on a cold day. Warm boozy, sweet and soft, it was definitely the best way to brace ourselves against going back outside into the cold, like an extra layer beneath our scarf and coat. 



Winter warmers, their ever tasty wood fired pizzas and they’ve just announced live music with their After Work on Friday nights, what better way to end your week?


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