I had intended to write another foodie piece today, but that’s gotten put back after a couple of chats with people about size and weight and, yep you’ve guessed it. Fat.

I was a fat kid. I was a fat teenager. I am, despite my dip down to size 12, a fat adult. 


I have no issue with the word fat – it’s taken a long time after being bullied as a child, after being fat shamed all my life, but I’ve finally reached the point where that word – being called fat, being referred to as fat, doesn’t bother me. I’d rather use it and take away it’s power than ignore it or hide from it. 

But yesterday I met a lady going to my gym for the first time, and it was new to her. Much like another friend of mine, she had never experienced it, having been slimmer before and both ladies found it a shock to the system.

You can be fat and fit. You can be fat and unfit. You can be slender and fit. You can be slender and unfit. There is no one size fits all. 

But society doesn’t like it if you’re fat. 



But then society only really likes women if you’re tall, blonde, with big boobs, and do as you’re told. Society – certainly the one we’re in now – thinks it’s OK for women to get paid less than men. Society doesn’t like you it if you’re a bloke who cries, or a boy who plays with dolls. Society likes to shove us in boxes. Girls do this, boys do this. Women should look like this, men should look like that. Society doesn’t care about your capabilities, your feelings, your actions. 

I could go on for hours. I won’t though because that would be boring and I think we’re all aware of what society thinks. And where society can go stick itself.

I always find it interesting that a society where over 50% of the women are size 16 and above – which in the mathemathics world would make being plus size normal we are ostracised, berated, shamed, and belittled.

Plus size men and women of the world. You are not alone. Far, far from it. There are millions of us. There’s a fantastic community out there where you can find people like you, who are tired of being told what to do, how to be, what to feel. And not just in fat acceptance – there those who campaign for acceptance of all kinds – tall, short, fat, thin – those (like me) who would rather people just be accepted as people. That we come in all shapes and sizes and heights and weights and colours and races and sexualities and capabilities. 



So rather than just me rant (again) about all of the above and how diet and beauty marketing is often done in a way that makes you feel like shit, before revealing how you can ‘fix’ that. That rather than show you that weight loss and fitness takes effort and sweat, tell you can ‘fix’ it with a magic pill that just happens to swell their coffers (here’s the secret, you can’t).

Or tell you that losing weight doesn’t automatically make you happy (I’m a case in point).

Or tell you that actually if you truly want to change anything about yourself, the power lies in your hands not anyone elses.

I’ll point you to some amazing people. Those I admire, those I follow. Those who kind of say exactly the same thing that I do, but often in a more colourful way. In a way that inspires me daily. This is not a comprehensive list, there are far far more than I can fit into one post.

Body Posi Panda

Always, always start here. Recovering anorexic, body positive and body accepting on all fronts. She is happy, cheerful and just a joy to follow. I follow her blog, but if you’re on there, follow her Instagram. She fights with heart and love and I just adore her.


Eff Your Beauty Standards

Created by plus size model Tess Holliday, this is Twitter and Instagram account is run by her, and a small team (two ladies, one gent) to showcase beautiful men and women of all shapes and sizes. From fat rolls to stretch marks – there is no right or wrong way to be beautiful. 


Everyday Feminism

Feminism isn’t just about female empowerment. It’s about equality for everybody


Body Positive Community

This website is more of a discussion website. And, whilst I may not always agree with some of the ideas on here (some members don’t believe in diet talk, I have no issue with it, if that’s what you want to do, do it), but it is a place to get ideas, to see inspiration and to talk to other people going through the same thing you may be going through. But not always agreeing is part of a discussion. Their Instagram again is a source of inspiration for me too. Acceptance of all forms.


Glitter and Lazers

Another Instagram account, but check out her YouTube videos. I love her. She embraces style, fashion, and runs and gyms like a badass. Oh and works far too hard. 


Free to Be OK

This is a Facebook group based in Manchester. We’re all about accepting who and what we are and encouraging others to as well. Check out the Twitter account too. I might be biased, but it’s one to watch.


Anastasia Amour

If you have issues with food (or have had issues with food – those bastards never go away) then this is website and her Instagram account are definitely for you. Anastasia has been there – and back again. I’m a big fan of her Instagram because often her stories just hit at the right time for me.


A Bear Named Troy

Troy, I love you. You big beautiful bearded bear. You want to see what a fierce bear looks like? Meet Troy. Oh and check out his YouTube too. 


Notoriously Dapper

Forget Dapper Laughs (in fact tell him to fuck right off), the only Dapper you need in your life is Kelvin and his plus size fashion Instagram


Zach Miko

The first plus size male model. And it’s an excuse to look at his pretty face, because he is gorgeous, but he’s also a body positive role model for chaps, and also a great guy doing stuff for charity. Yeah, he’s a sweetie.


What Fat Girls Actually Wear

Some would have us wear tents and hide away. This Instagram account tells it like it is. 


Selfies for Self Love

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A SELFIE! You’re allowed to think you look cute. Enjoy it. 


Fat and Fit

I’m constantly inspired by people who shout about being fat and fit. I’d hope I’m one of them (even though my site, and my life is just as much full of food and booze) I’ve run two marathons, four half marathons, countless 10kms, and 5km races. And now (because it seems I’m a bit bonkers) I’m moving into powerlifting. BUT I find inspiration for fitness everywhere. These are just some of them:

The Fat Girls Guide to Running Website Instagram

Sarah Robles Instagram

Louise Green Website Instagram

Born to Reign Athletics Website Instagram

Fat Girls Dance Movement Website Instagram

Diane Bondy Yoga Website Instagram

Jessamyn Stanley Website Instagram

Curves with Moves Website Instagram

Plus Size Athlete Instagram

Chicks Get Fit Done Instagram

Lizzy Dances Instagram


This list is by no means comprehensive. It’s not even in any particular order and there are loads I’ve missed, but this post is already vast!

But what I wanted to say was you are not alone. Whatever size or shape. Whatever colour, sexuality or however you feel. You are not alone. And thanks to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, we are easier to find than ever. Come and say hello. 

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