Didi's Boutique

Didi’s Boutique

I love any excuse to get dressed up. 

I think it stems from my mum giving me a box of her clothes when I was a kid. My sister and I would dress up in them, play in our wendy house in wet weather and run around in them no matter what. When I think of them now, those gorgeous eighties pieces and the fact that the probably ended up in the bin somewhere when we moved away, I feel somewhat heartbroken. Bet they’d fit me a perfectly now. 

So an invitation to a fashion show with a vintage theme was always going to mean me raiding my own dressing up box, er, wardrobe. Didi’s Boutique in Altrincham has been recently taken over by vintage lover Marie Davis, and she has worked to slowly change this from a boutique offering modern day fashions, to a vintage reproduction wonderland.

I donned my own reproduction dress from Lindy Bop – a classic full skirted affair, threw on a cardigan (it was December after all) some gloves, and a hat, and headed on the tram, much to the bemusement of some passengers. 

Didi's Boutique

Maybe it was a lot of glam for a rainy Saturday.

Marie and Didi’s didn’t disappoint, with ladies taking part of all ages and sizes, nobody felt under represented. 

Didi's Boutique

Fifties style glamour mixed with rockabilly, with dresses from Lindy Bop, Collectif and Dolly & Dotty striding down the catwalk while visitors sipped fizz and nibbled on a mince pie or two.

I gripped my credit card tightly.

After the models had modelled, the applause had died down, we all began eyeing the rails and trying on ourselves. Didi’s offers a range of sizes up to 26 for some of the ranges, though they’re not always there in store, as I found with my own choice. Dress duly ordered, I found myself purchasing a pair of sunglasses and a scarf before I was reminded that it was getting late and I still had to do that delight of delights, the food shop. 

Didi's Boutique

If you fancy a visit Didi’s is a little walk from Altrincham station, and Marie is always happy to see new faces. Her next fashion show is on 30 January, where the theme will be Springtime Romance, and her range is ever expanding. She’s now looking to stock items from Rockabetty Bags, Atomic Millie jewellery, and footwear from Funky Fairy Godmother. And it’s not just the adults – as well as children’s versions of Lindy Bop dresses, all the way down to Baby Moo.

For me, my dress is at home waiting for me to parade about in it at the weekend, and I’ll be giving it a review.

Now I just need to find some shoes…..


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With thanks to Marie, Lucy, and all the team who worked so hard to make it a great event. 

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