Review: Delicious Magazine

Review: Delicious Magazine

I love magazines – if I’m going on a flight anywhere, I hit the airport newsagents and buy everything from Marie Claire, to Vogue, so that I can fill my eyeline with pretty things and forget that I’ve got no legroom, I’m half squashed into my husband’s armpit and the aisle is so narrow, the air steward keeps smacking my shoulder with the trolley. 

Oh the glamour.

Day to day I’m infinitely more practical. My magazine choices feature running and cooking, sometimes knitting, and yeah, occasionally a little fashion prettiness. My magazine rack at home is stuffed full of copies that hold cute patterns or recipes I just couldn’t bear to let go of. 

Review: Delicious Magazine

That’s one of the reasons that earlier this year I agreed to become a Blogger – even though I read through them far too fast most of the time, the ones that I love, I’ll keep and return back to again and again.

And of course, my first magazine, Delicious, arrived just in time for Christmas. 

Review: Delicious Magazine

As you’d expect, it’s full of ideas for the festive season – recipes and gifts, decorations and treats – so many it’s hard to know where to start.

As ever, Mr GFB and I will be dining at home, our one bedroom flat is too small to entertain in, so there’ll be no extravagant parties, or three course dinners. But that doesn’t mean we don’t push the boat out.

Review: Delicious Magazine

I’m definitely going to be making this gorgeous looking mulled white wine with elderflower – particularly as I have some homemade liqueur I can add instead of cordial.

I’m also eyeing up the pistachio and clementine mince pies recipe – Mr GFB isn’t a big fan normally, but maybe these beauties will change his mind.

Review: Delicious Magazine

And that ham. Oh my.

Away from Christmas treats, what I love about delicious is that it has recipes and ideas from all your favourite chefs, there are names you know, and maybe a few you don’t, and the shopping ideas and guides to recipes are idiot proof (well, Charlie proof).

Review: Delicious Magazine

Month to month, what’s invaluable are the meal planners. Stuck for ideas with what to do with the leftover turkey? They’ve got you covered. And the promise is no more than 10 ingredients, 30 minutes of cooking time and 10g of saturated fat per portion.

Which after the extravagance of the day itself, is a welcome break.

And if like me you are still not done with your shopping (though I made a big dent overnight) then a magazine subscription might be an ideal gift. Your favourite mag popping through the post throughout the year, and 12 issues of Delicious are just under £30. 

Easy peasy. 

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