Curve Fashion Festival 2017 is Coming!

I’ll admit, I’m not a fashion blogger. Not really. I love fashion, I think I have a pretty distinct style, I adore colour, I love playing with clothes. 

I don’t have time to keep posing in a mirror for a picture (not that you’d believe that if you view my Instagram), Mr GFB (and my friends) have a finite amount of patience when it comes to taking pictures of me (sorry loves), and I have a fondness for vintage. Which means that often the clothes I select might not be available for people to buy. And that makes me feel a little mean when I’m complimented on something. I can’t tell you where to get it because there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find it.

But despite all this, I can’t wait for next month, because I’ll be heading to Liverpool again. It will be time to play with all things pretty at the Curve Fashion Festival. 



Last year was fantastic. Not only did I spend a small fortune on clothes (and make shopping lists for when I could top up my budget again), but I got to sit next to Pamela Haslam, who was there to see her daughter, Hayley Hasselhoff strut the catwalk with her new line with Elvi.

This year promises to be even bigger and better. New Look are sponsoring the event (I am a bit of a New Look fan), the blogger list looks to be even stronger than last year, and favourites Tess Holliday and Gemma Collins are back. I expect to see a lot of familiar faces from social media.





The brand list is vast. 

Those I’m dying to see include fashion from Work Your Curves, favourites Very, Missguided and Pretty Little Thing. Plus Equals is also on my hit list, for fashion that sticks two fingers up at convention. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. 

I can’t wait to ogle the fitness wear from OBD Clothing and State Your Mind (a girl can never have too much gym kit). And as I’m a lingerie lover, Viva Voluptuous are very high on my list. I’m thrilled to see too, that high street brands are taking feedback on board, as Debenhams will be at the event too, having expanded their plus size range.




But what has me most excited? The men’s section.

Yes, this year there is a bigger selection from the men’s plus size clothing brands, including Bad Rhino – who are part of Yours Clothing – and offer a really great range for gents. (They also happen to use Zach Miko as a model, who I may have a small crush on. (Shh, don’t tell anyone). 

I’m also hoping that when it comes to Boohoo, (who I still have issue with over their handling of the ‘#allgirls’ campaign, and their insistence on not using plus size models and on charging more for plus size – but not tall, or less for petite) the gents may fare a little better. Their range is currently relatively small, so maybe more is in the pipeline? Maybe one of the Gintlemen needs to come with me to investigate. 



Tickets to the festival are on sale now, and start at just £15 per person.



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