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We all have various ways of relaxing, removing tension. Hitting the gym, or going for a run, meditation – even housework and menial tasks are therapeutic, giving our brains time to have a bit of a rest from the riot of emotions, plans, worries and pressures of everyday life.

It’s the brain equivalent of giving it a deep clean. Do a pile of housework, concentrate on what you’re doing, rather than all the stuff that’s whirring through your brain and you become more centred. Crafts like knitting and crochet are renowned for helping, and I think just about everyone I know, (me included) reverted back to childhood by buying themselves a colouring book and pencils during the recent craze. 

Of course, there are those who will always cite a glass of wine working wonders. But what if you could combine the two? The mental relaxation of a colourbook and the warmth of a glass of wine or two?

Welcome to Colour Me Happy at Kosmonaut

2016-02-16 19.11.04

Combining the pleasures of a wine tasting, you can try a selection of five wines from a specific country and discover the oenological variety they have, while you select your pencils and try not to go over the lines. 

The first night kicked off with a range of Italian wines, working our way from an appetite whetting Gavi, from white to red and finishing with a rich red – Alex and Kay, our hosts for evening, both pouring and talking to us about the wine itself, grape, terroir and flavours. The events are set to happen monthly, with different countries and wines taking centre stage. 

2016-02-16 21.06.04

Of course, our attention was slightly distracted (thank god for the details of the wine in the colour book), as we had pencils to sharpen and colours to choose/fight over.

2016-02-16 21.38.26

The pictures were created by local artist and illustrator Pete Hiett – and we all used a little poetic licence when it came to our colour selections, partly due to the wine, and partly due to the dark lighting that occasionally led our choices astray. 

Or perhaps it was just innate artistry?

Yeah, maybe not.  

2016-02-16 20.33.27


The wine selection was delicious, the books cute, and I’ve still a few pictures to work on at home over my own bottle, er, glass of Primitivo at home over the weekend.


Has anyone seen my pencil case? 

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With thanks to Kosmonaut and Phat Cupcake for the invitation. 

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