Cocktails at Turtle Bay NQ, Manchester

It’s Friday night – or maybe (as it’s National Rum Day today) it’s Thursday. You’re fancying drinks and dinner with your mates – the dinner is booked, but you all finish work bang on time and go for a drink first.

The first bar is OK, the queue at the bar isn’t so bad, but the seating is, limited. And you know you shouldn’t have been wearing those heels you’ve only just bought because they’re too high, but they look so good with the outfit. Half an hour later, you’re torn between suggesting you move on, or just taking them off and chancing bare feet on the bar floor. 

Someone suggests everyone go somewhere else, and your relief lasts until you realise the sun is out and it’s standing room only. It’s that point where there’s a mix of those going for a quick one after work, those drinking before dinner, and those who were supposed to be going for a quick drink, but that was about three hours ago and there still there. 

Finally it’s time to head to the venue, and you can sit down. But you can’t help wishing it was just a bit easier. If you fancy a rum cocktail or two, it is. 


Turtle Bay have launched their range of tables that you can book for drinks. So not only can you book in for dinner, if you just fancy meeting mates for a drink, or combine the two, you can – so you can really take advantage of those happy hour offers. Just like myself and Mr GFB did.

After all, we both start and finish relatively early – 4/4:30pm, and we’re not always ready to leap straight into dinner after finishing in the office. So we headed to Turtle Bay in the NQ to settle in and work our way through a few of their cocktails before dinner.  And we were just in time for happy hour.

Favourites from the sampling session included the Rude Boy – both white and navy rum, clove liqueur and lime. Short, with warm spice, whereas Mr GFB opted for the Jamaican Mule – dark and spiced rum, with lime and ginger. And both 2 for 1.

Our next round saw me sampling the Rum Margarita – much like it’s tequila counterpart, sharp, boozy and with a salted rim. Whereas Mr GFB went for something sweet and fruity with a Raspberry Reggae – Dark rum, raspberries, lime & lemonade. 


There is, however, one teeny problem with booking a cocktail table, and that’s how long you can resist ordering food. And after the third plate of jerk chicken wandered past, we gave into temptation. It’s started with a nibble. Shared starters of okra and squid, soon followed by jerk lamb rump for him and tender, moist chicken for me. 

And it was with our final cocktails, we went all in with a shared piece of rum cake.

Worth it. 

To reserve a table, use the Turtle Bay app, pop onto their website, or drop them an email. Treat yourself to a little rum fun. 


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