Cocktails at George’s, Worsley

Last Monday I’d had one of those days.

To be truthful, the entire week seemed to be composed of similarly feeling days where I alternately had a G&T after work, or hit the gym to process the day. 

On the Monday, however, a soothing evening of cocktails awaited us at George’s in Worsley, so it would be cruel to not let them work on the stresses of my day, whilst my poor date had her ear bent, while I, er, vented my frustrations. 

George’s is a bar and restaurant in Worsley, with a modern British menu and a bar offering a selection of wines and cocktails. Not only famous for being owned by Ryan Giggs (even a non-football fan like me knows who he is), George’s is named after the architect Sir George Gilbert Scott, a well known and successful architect during the Victorian era whose works include, most pertinently, the village church, St. Marks.

We also timed our visit nicely food wise – for George’s has special offers that are not to be sniffed at. In fact that’s probably why the space was full on a Monday evening. Even we were tempted by the offer of a main course for £10 (starters and desserts £5 respectively).

Yep. Bargain.



On the cocktail front, there are familiar classics, and George’s creations. A well balanced dirty Martini for my date, for me, it was my bad day cure all, no, not gin, a Margarita. There’s something about a lightly sharp marg, with salt rim, that stings your lips, that just makes everything better. And this certainly did that. Sipping while we nibbled on Padron peppers and chorizo from the bar menu, whilst lamenting my frustrations soon made everything infinitely better.

Craving something fruity whilst I nibbled on pizza, I moved onto another classic, the Bramble. George’s version is using raspberries rather than bramble, giving it a lighter feel. It’s fruity, refreshing and very moreish. 



Having demolished starters and mains, with accompanying cocktails, dessert beckoned and, having looked at the menu carefully, there was only one option. 

Cocktails for dessert.

Tempted by the Lemon Cheesecake cocktail, my attention was diverted. This George’s creation features white chocolate liqueur, cocoa and fresh orange zest. 

It’s like a Jaffa cake in a glass. 

And it was the best dessert I’ve had in a while. 



George’s surprised us both. Not only is the food great, and the cocktails delicious, but actually, the value for money is pretty damn impressive. We dined from the Italian Monday Menu, but the French and the Spanish look rather special too. 

Anybody else for a liquid dessert? 


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