Cocktail Menu at The Lowry Hotel with Sis4ers Gin

The sun is streaming through the window and whilst I may be concentrating on the pile of stuff in my inbox, my mind keeps wandering off to dream of sitting in the sunshine, cocktail in hand, soaking up the rays. 

A girl can dream.

At least until I can finish in the office, and maybe head over the The Lowry Hotel, and take advantage of their balcony, and their new cocktail menu. Taking inspiration from neighbours, Sis4ers Distillery, they’ve now created a cocktail menu specifically for their original gin (which we met at the gin launch), and their newest gin, their Strawberry Edition. Each sister is set to have a style all of their own, that will sit alongside the Signature Gin, and this is the first release

We were welcomed with The Lowry’s perfect serve G&T using the Signature Gin, before sampling both the Signature, and the Strawberry Gin neat. I covered the tasting notes for the Signature in the post about the launch, but the strawberry one was new to move and has hints of strawberry Mivvis and a hint of sherbet in the finish. It’s going to be perfect for summer sipping in a G&T. 

See, daydreaming again.

Having sampled both, it was time to try some of the cocktails, and if you like tropical flavours, these are definitely for you. 

We began with 4 French Sister: Gin, passion fruit puree, sugar syrup and Champagne.

Our second was the Tropicale: Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and passion fruit puree. 

And finally, Le 4 Sorelle: Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, Grenadine and soda.

Of all of them, I must admit to being happiest with a G&T (or their Martini which is also on the menu).  I like cocktails where the spirit shines, and I really struggled to pick it up in these drinks, which given the quality of the gin, seemed a shame.

That said, if you like sweet and tropical flavours, you’re going to love them.

Maybe I’ll see you for a G&T in the sunshine?


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