Clucking ‘Ell!

My arm was twisted to write this post.

Well, alright, several dirty Martinis were applied and a ‘pretty please’ were uttered. No physical violence was necessary.


In fact it’s not a hardship at all. Ever since the Drunken Butcher,  Iain and I met over a twitter chat concerning bacon jam and and invitation to ‘play with his smoker’ was issued (his glamorous wife Heli was at home, I hasten to add), we’ve been firm friends.


Clucking Hell was the latest of his supper clubs, collaborating again with the darling DineInOut and, as the name would suggest, the theme was chicken. Oh so much chicken. A little over half to be precise.

You never, ever leave hungry.

Our drink on arrival, was a lovely little fizzy cocktail, however, my predilection for all things dry and dirty, Mr Devine had thoughtfully provided a little dirty Martini for my appetiser.


Our first course was a chicken liver parfait with Melba toast. Rich buttery pate, crisp toast, and lots of both. Given that both myself and Mr GFB had barely eaten all day just to save enough room for dinner, we had to almost forcibly restrain ourselves from gorging on this delicious feast. But restrain ourselves we did.


On to the second course, fried chicken. Forget the Colonel and all those big companies. This is proper fried chicken. Crisp coating, crisp skin, tender chicken, contrasting with a kick of chilli and just enough salt to get you licking your lips. And reaching for another piece.


Onto our next course, the main, and it was leg time; accompanied by a lush risotto. As ever, Iain used homemade stock, one of his specialities, which gave it a flavour that was second to none. The lemon cut through the richness beautifully and the roast leg was a sheer pleasure to eat.


Feeling thankful I had worn a loose dress, we moved onto our next course, chicken and chips. Though the chicken was fantastic, the stars of this course were the chips and homemade ketchup.


Iain’s wife has an addition to crispy potato products that knows no bounds (she will fight you for that last chip). As such, Iain’s chips are pretty much perfection in potato form – and the ketchup had a warmth and spice missing from certain other well known brands.


My chair creaking in protestation, we hit the penultimate course, chicken saute in Chardonnay jelly sauce. The jelly is the creation of Lady Nom, whose condiments I’ve featured in a previous post. There is, nothing like it – buttery and just delightful when paired with sauteed chicken. Served with bacon and cabbage, it was utter heaven. But I still had to find room for dessert.

And dessert wasn’t a small or a light affair. White chocolate mousse, sweet, luscious and velvety, this was fabulous, but paired with a bitter marmalade candied citrus, it pretty much rendered me speechless. Separate, the bitterness of the fruit was overpowering and for me the sweetness of the mousse would have been cloying, but together –



oh yes, together you had something wonderful. Something that while I am trying to write this is making my mouth water (and the cup of tea next to me is doing absolutely nothing to staunch).

And so another Dineinout evening at the Drunken Butcher’s was complete.

Now, I trust I’ll see you at the next one?

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