Christmas with Joanie Clothing

It would be fair to say that my style is eclectic. One minute I can be wandering around in a 1970s maxi dress with a turban, and then days like today, I’m repping the 90s, with a choker dress and a denim dress on top with corset belt and Converse. 



As my husband would say, I don’t really do fashion, but I do style. I know what I like, I know what suits me, and for the most part, that means I lean on vintage. 

If I could, I’d parade around in elements from the 30s to the 90s. I’ve an eye for styles, and can often date them – whether original or repro. It’s a skill honed from years of eyeing clothes I didn’t think I’d ever be able to fit in. Thankfully stores and buyers finally caught on, and there are more plus size ranges that at the very least nod to the cuts and designs of the past.

One of these is Joanie Clothing. Offering ‘pretty clothes for nostalgic souls’, they have elements of the 50s and 60s in their clothing, that if you love a classic like me, you’re going to love a little bit. To say I own a few of their pieces would be putting it mildly – my favourite being a bright green jacquard shift dress that has more than a little Joan Holloway to it. 

Last week, they held their Christmas showcase and, whilst I couldn’t stay long, I did manage to ogle all the clothes, and add one or two to my Christmas list (hey Santa, hope you’re reading this), as did my date Cheryl. Here are our picks of the winter wardrobe. 



One thing to say before we start, Joanie Clothing love pockets almost as much as I do. And though I have this skirt in a bright green (I know, but I like green) this Mia Skirt is another I’m dying to add to my wardrobe. Dress it up with something glittery or sequinned, or down with a simple cardigan and pair of flatties, and you’re good to go. And you too can whisper ‘it’s got pockets!’ when someone compliments you on it. Yes, I am that person too. 



It’s hard not to love a shirt dress. Simple, quick to throw on and look good with zero effort, this gorgeous mustard Calista Dress also is covered with a whole hive of bees. I’m a sucker for mustard as a colour anyway, so this is just a bonus (as is the shirt which will go perfectly with my next pick). There are a number of fantastic shirt dresses this time around, the pale blue Martha Cat Dress is also on my want list. 



I LOVE pinafore dresses. Maybe it’s because I wore them so much in primary school, I don’t know, but I still adore them now. And the mustard (yes again, though it does come in red and blue) Olive Cord Pinafore is calling my name. It also happens to go really well with the Dina Dinosaur Breton Top. Because everyone needs dinosaurs in their life. 



On a slightly more casual note, before we head into the glam, a nod to the Tabitha Cat Lady Slogan Tee that Cheryl fell a little in love with. As two certified cat ladies, we need this. What’s the point in denying it?



Sequins, sequins and soft snuggly fluff. This is a 1950s dreamboat pairing. The Uma Sequin Dress with the Antonia Stole. Classic elegance and perfect for the Christmas do.



For me, though again it’s a Joan Holloway to die for pencil dress, the Alma Dress has my name written allll over it (though for once I picked up the red instead of the green). All it needs is my hair pinned back, red lips and a navy pair of heels and a bag, and I’m ready to wiggle down the street.



OK, this is just a smattering of the clothes we loved. In truth, we could have happily walked away with everything there. A nod must go to the Shirley Tartan Skirt (it’s one of those full circle skirts I loved as a kid and bugged my mum until she gave in and made me one). 

Roll on payday. I need to go shopping. 

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With thanks to Joanie for letting us sip fizz while we rummaged through rails and for having one of the best goodie bags I’ve come across for a long time. 

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