Christmas Cooking with the Vegetarian Society.

Yes, I’m doing it. I’m mentioning the C-word.

No, I know you don’t want to think about Christmas yet, I mean Halloween hasn’t even happened yet, and you’re already seeing mince pies in the shops and Christmas ads on the telly.

So, I’m sorry, but I’m going there. Admittedly this will be probably the only one til November, but given I’ve been planning and doing Christmas related stuff since July, I’ve been incredibly restrained to wait until now. 

And the reason I’m going it now? Because this relates to cookery classes that happen in November and December, so I’m doing it for your diary.

Way back on a gloriously sunny day, I joined fellow bloggers and press for a festive cookery lesson with the Vegetarian Society.

In Altrincham, it was Christmas in August.



All of us have those worries – especially if you’re catering for family and friends – if a someone has an intolerance, allergy, or is vegan or vegetarian, what can we cook for them? It’s all too easy to get bogged down in the usual suspects – vegetarian lasagne, mushroom risotto, roasted butternut squash. But with a host of fantastic ingredients out there, isn’t it time to get a bit more creative? 

We began at the beginning. After a quick knife lesson, we started with the sweets, before we prepared a feast of food. First up was the mince pie.



Dried fruit, spices and rum were mixed together with mashed up banana to make a fat free and vegan mincemeat. Veggie shortcrust pastry was used to create the base and in no time we were sipping on a brew, crisp mince pie in hand. Yes, while you were enjoying your first mince pie of the year last week, I’m already way ahead of you. 

Over tea we could choose what dishes we wanted to make. Nut roast was an essential, but there were stuffed aubergines, mushroom pate and my own, a Wellington. 

Go hard or go home, right?



The huge kitchen was filled with the sound of chopping and mixing. I had two mixes to prepare and cook on the hob before I could even create my dish. whilst my mushroom and chestnut mix slowly cooked, I spent time slicing and dicing, barely able to take in the sounds and smells around me. Though everyone noticed when one of the dishes fell on the floor. 




Soon we were tucking in, and tucking into tupperware, it was a feast. Flavours ranged from rich and savoury, through to light and spicy, or more heated. Sweet and savoury adorned the table, along with festive veggies – sprouts included. 



Though I don’t think even I anticipated the size of my Wellington. And never fear, vegetarian gravy was part of the session. 



Whether you’re hosting a party and want to create something special for you guests with Vegan Party Food, fancy creating Edible Gifts for Christmas or want to create a Festive Feast like us, you can find all the details on their website.  

As for me, I’ve got a host of recipes to play with ahead of the festive season. Stilton cheesecake anyone?


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