Burns Night with Chivas Regal

Whether you’re Scottish blood, or just love a little whisky, the 25 January provides the perfect excuse to don a little tartan and break out a dram or two.

Last night, saw Chivas Regal celebrate in tailored style at Paul Smith in Manchester. Surrounded by Smith’s classic likes and bright colours, we sipped cocktails including an Old Fashioned, and a twist on the Tom Collins, using Chivas, lemonade and a soda top, garnished with crisp green apple.



Whilst the surroundings were elegant, I honestly couldn’t say what the Bard of Ayrshire himself would think of the sharp suits, and dainty heels, I’m pretty sure he’d have approved of at least one of the other treats on offer – a little whisky blending.

Chivas Regal is built on a family history of ageing and blending whisky. Originally brothers James and John Chivas moved to the bright lights of Aberdeen to earn an honest living. Discovering they had a knack for sourcing sought after items, they set up Chivas Brothers, their own emporium and began, as many grocers of their kind did, stocking and blending whiskies from nearby farms. No only did they have a knack for sourcing, it turned out they also had a knack for ageing and blending.  And Chivas Regal 25, the world’s first luxury whisky blend, was launched in 1909 in New York City.



Now you too can try creating a blend of your own. As of 23 February, Spinningfields will host a popup blending bar from Chivas, giving Manchester the opportunity to sit, sip and craft a spirit that they can then take home. Selecting a balance of flavours (fruity, floral, citrus, creamy and smoke) you can tailor a dram to your own personal flavour profile. All for the princely sum of £15.

In our trial run, we created something well balanced with a hint of smoke and a creamy finish. But if something richer and more fruity is more your style, you can book on and try your hand at being a Master Blender, with help from the Chivas team.



If you fancy a go, booking is open now, and as my date took the whisky home for herself, you might see me there, as I think I need another lesson… 


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