Brunch Review: Zouk, Manchester

Curry for breakfast. 

Those words would normally have you considering last night’s congealed takeaway, stale naan, and crusty rice. All sitting there from the post booze filled late night before. 

Allow me to suggest another way. Zouk have launched a new addition to their brunch menu and along with softly toasted naan, runny yolked eggs and the ubiquitous avocado, also comes with a softly spiced potato curry, spicy baked beans and a mushroom curry that will have you fighting with your date for the last bit of sauce to dunk your naan in.

Alongside their usual brunch fare of peshwari naan with fruit and yoghurt, spiced scrambled eggs (Anda Bhurji) and smoothies, you can now enjoy their mezze brunch – just as I did at the weekend. 

So let me whisk you back to Sunday. When instead of grey skies and a brolly in your bag just in case, there was bright sunshine, sunglasses and shirtsleeves. 



That’s better. 

The sun was showing off on Sunday when my date and I headed in for sustenance. I’d hit the gym early doors, and had worked up an appetite. And it’s a good job really, because the mezze platter really does have a little bit of everything. 



Fresh veggies offer contrast to the spice, and the cool cheeses. The eggs are just runny, so you can dunk your naan in. If you prefer something sweet, or manage to save a sliver of naan, you have honey, and jam for topping it with. 



Personal favourites included the beef sujok sausages which were paired with Turkish cheese pastries. The sausages are spicy and rich, and work well with the beans, the avocado, and the pastries. 

The mushroom curry is gently spiced, and very addictive, so grab some of that before someone else does. 



The cheeses cover everything from paneer, to ricotta and a cream cheese that I pretty much had to fight my date for a taste of. Try and save a little bit of naan for the ricotta and honey too. It’s worth it. 

Little grumbles? I’d add another chunk of naan, because it’s hard to manage to try a little of everything without running out. And as experience tells me, the service, though bloody lovely, can be on the slow side (and sadly this trip was no different).



Zouk for breakfast? It offers something for everyone, and at £10 a head including a drink, is great value for money – and you certainly don’t leave hungry! Now I just need another free Sunday for another visit.



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This meal was provided free of charge by Zouk. 

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