Brunch Review: School for Scandal, Manchester

Back in July I wrote about brunch at Laundrette Manchester. Change was already in the air, but many of us were still unsure as to what would happen exactly. The ownership of both the First Street site, and the site in Newcastle had changed hands, and there were whispers of more sites to open too. 

In August hints began appearing on Instagram. A new logo, a new name, and a whole new look. One that as a redhead I can really get behind because whether it’s the plush lush green of the booths, or the mustard yellow of the bank of seating, my hair in this venue is going to look amazing.

Vain, but true. 

Meet School for Scandal.



Alongside the change in colour, there’s also a distinct change in style, think Vince Ray style artwork in black and white, lush foliage, and rose gold. 



I may have missed the launch party for this one, but a big catch up with a friend meant opportunity for a weekend brunch, and given the weather this weekend, we were more than happy to be cosied up indoors with a brew or two. The first change (away from the decor) you notice is the prices. Whilst Laundrette may not have been as pricey as some, there were times that the final bill might make you raise an eyebrow. School for Scandal has softened that blow a little on the food menu, whilst also expanding the menu a little. Whilst this review concentrates on brunch, it’s worth noting that the overall food menu is more varied, leaning less heavily on pizzas and carbs, and more on fresh ingredients and variety. 

And even then on the menu itself there is flexibility. 



My eggs Benedict were just what I needed for a cold grey day. Runny poached egg, buttery Hollandaise, spinach and bacon on top of a toasted bun. Comfort food.

My date, however was on a restrictive diet and so requested a little variation in the Big School Breakfast, and chef was willing to help. The hash browns and sourdough toast were swapped out for a little smashed avocado. Though she mourned the loss of her carbs, we were grateful to the venue for their flexibility. 



Appetites sated, and fully caffeinated, we sojourned over to the cocktail menu. Alongside classics you’ll recognise are some names that will also look familiar, but for very different reasons. It’s clear that whoever named these is a pun loving eighties kid like me, with nods to movies like Pretty in Pink and Weird Science, alongside those on the ‘Detention’ (happy hour) menu, including Oprah Ginfrey and Emmaline Pankthirst. 



Whilst my date opted for a house G&T, I went for something short with Under the Host. A nod to Dorothy Parker’s famous Quote (which I can identify with), it’s a gently sweet and citrussy mix of Portobello Road Gin, Martini vermouth, Ferdinands verjus and citrus, garnished with a pickled onion. 

Who needs dessert?

Overall, we love the new look, it makes great use of the space, and the revamped menus (especially the cocktail menus) are well worth a sample. 

I’ll be back in soon.


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All food and drink was paid for by us. 

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