Brunch Review: Proove, Didsbury

Just before we begin a long weekend seems the perfect time to talk about brunch – especially a brunch that’s not only mildly boozy, but also features pizza.

I mean what’s better than cold pizza the morning after? Hot fresh pizza, served alongside Bellinis or, if you need an injection of vitamins to counteract the effects of a late night/overindulgence, smoothies to heal you just a little bit.


I’ve had the good fortune to visit Proove in Didsbury whilst wearing my I Love Manchester hat for a gin tasting earlier this year, and having ogled (and sampled) some of the food, I knew this was going to be a real treat, but even I was pretty bowled over by their brunch menu.

Breakfast calzone, baked eggs, and the pretty damn impressive Pizza Royal are on the menu. For the latter, take the idea of smoked salmon and runny yolked egg, and turn it into a pizza. 

I mean, just look at it. Dough that’s crisp, soft and chewy all at once, poach egg with a perfectly runny egg, and enough smoked salmon to satisfy even the most protein hungry gym bunny (and I know a few).

I however had my eye on a veggie option. I adore artichokes and so this calzone, stuffed full of cheese, artichokes and mushrooms, again with a poached egg on top, was a winner. 

A perfect blend of green, fresh and earthy flavours, and a little sharp tomato sauce for dunking. 

Drinks wise, we sampled the Bloody Mary (forget coffee, this will wake you up), their Bellinis with fresh peach puree, and their protein smoothie, which really hit the spot. I can well believe they worked hard to balance it, because it’s now my fsvfavour thing, and I’ve been trying to recreate it at home all week (and failing miserably).

Proove’s brunch menu might be brand new to a market that already has a lot to offer, but it’s got a lot to offer.

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