Brunch Review: Beastro, Manchester

It’s Friday, it must be another brunch review. 

This is unexpectedly becoming a bit of a theme, and I do actually have brunch planned for this weekend too, so… Hmm.

Anyway, you may recall I visited the team at Beastro more than once ahead of their opening at the beginning of April. Despite work being ongoing, they managed to pull together a fantastic event for Manchester Beer Week last yearand a delicious preview evening, where we were able to sample the style of food that was to go onto the menu.

As well as a full evening menu, with steaks (prepared and aged by themselves), seafood and vegetarian options, they are open for breakfast brunch and lunch – so you could, theoretically, just stay there all day.


When we arrived for brunch, we all had grandiose ideas of a main breakfast and a dessert breakfast. It was definitely lunch time, and none of us had eaten, saving ourselves for the main event.

However Beastro had different ideas. 



Obviously sensing our hunger, a platter of bacon jam, chicken rilletes and tomato jam with toasted bread and bacon butter materialised. The rilletes, safe beneath their solid cover of fat were buttery, soft and tasty, the tomato jam was lightly spiced (there is something about cinnamon with tomatoes), and the bacon jam was meatily smoky. 

Our initial hunger sated, we relaxed, chatted. We could still do a two courser. We’d just have to share. 

But Beastro weren’t done yet.



What followed was their take on a Manchester egg. Black pudding with cured sage and onion sausagemeat, and a boiled egg, coated in breadcrumbs and fried. Served with homemade brown sauce. Thick, meaty, tasty – and that brown sauce was just perfect.

And then came our orders.



The Full Beast – thick cut bacon, sausage, black pudding, hash browns, poached egg and beans. And more toast.



Steak and Eggs – topped with crisp kale, served with potato hash and tomatoes.



And Bacon Benedict – English muffin with bacon, eggs, Hollandaise sauce and topped with more bacon. 

Oh boy.

I’d like to say we did our breakfasts justice, but we didn’t, couldn’t. We ate until we succumbed to a meaty soporific stupor. Because that’s one of the things about the team at Beastro. No only do they create fantastic food – curing, ageing and preparing everything themselves. Not only to they work incredibly hard – the venue is testament to their sheer hard work – but they love what they do. And they want you to love it too.

So yeah guys, we’ll see you again very soon. 


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The food and drink in this post was paid for by ourselves. 

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