Bottomless Beer Brunch: All Star Lanes, Manchester

The bottomless brunch has slowly been making it’s way across the city. The trend started, as ever, in London with bars offering bottomless Prosecco, it’s moved onto cocktails, and up here we’ve seen Pen and Pencil, Gaucho and Neighbourhood embrace the trend. Even Grindsmiths over in Media City have joined in with a less boozy, tapas style version, with as many plates of food as you can manage available. 

But most have featured fizz on the menu. I have a bit of a problem with Prosecco – for some reason those delicately fizzy glasses of booze get me very drunk, very fast. It means that more than a glass or two and I’m a very wobbly bunny – not something anyone needs to see first thing on a weekend. 

And whilst a Red Snapper or two is lovely, I’m even down with a Breakfast Martini (with a side of crisp buttered toast for dunking please), if it’s after a heavy night, I’m going to want something distinctly lighter. And of course, if cocktails and fizz aren’t your thing too, you’re feeling a little left out.

Til now. 

All Star Lanes have come to the rescue with a bottomless beer brunch – American style classics, with a beer matched menu expertly curated by Melissa Cole, with as many beers as you can manage in two hours.

It almost sounds like a challenge.



2016-08-29 11.34.37


Of course this was well on Mr GFB’s radar – and so with me finally in the city for more than five minutes, we booked in for a lazy post birthday visit. And promptly began arguing over who was going to have what we were having. 


2016-08-29 11.40.34


Luckily we were distracted swiftly by beer selections. Mr GFB opted for the beery cocktail that is the Brooklyn Breakfast. Brooklyn Lager, Buffalo Trace, apple juice, maple syrup and lime. A light fruity concoction that will suit both beer and cocktail drinkers alike. 


2016-08-29 11.58.21


Which of course he had with the fried chicken and waffles, with maple syrup, treacle bacon and salted chilli butter. Though he grumbled a little, I was allowed to sample a mouthful and it was bloody good. I’m very fussy about waffles as I find many too sweet, but these were perfect, and with the butter melting on top and the salt of the bacon, I wondered for a moment if I’d made a mistake choosing mine.

And then I looked down at the plate and knew I was fine.


2016-08-29 11.57.54


Who can resist a plate of salt beef and potato hash with fried eggs. And the kitchen must have seen me coming. After all this was on the plate. 


2016-08-29 11.57.59


Rich, meaty gravy. And more than enough for my plate (which may have led to me quietly sipping it from the dinky sized pan whenever nobody was looking – well except Mr GFB, he knew what he was getting when he married me). 

The rich salty hash was just what I needed and though I went totally off piste beer wise with the Boulevard Brewery Single Wide IPA, I was a happy camper.

Even happier when we moved onto our second beers and I had a Brooklyn Breakfast to myself.


2016-08-29 11.52.58



We had a lovely brunch listening to the sounds of excitement and pins falling in the background and though you can drink as much beer as you can manage in the two hours, we found a couple each more than enough. 

Maybe it’s true. You can have enough of a good thing. 



With thanks to All Star Lanes for inviting us in to try the brunch. The food was fabulous, and we loved the pairings. We’re already talking about coming back for the others! 

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