BodyKind Festival

This week has inadvertently featured a range of body related, health and well being posts. So I couldn’t help but finish the week the way I started, and particularly on a positive note. 

I’ve written and spoke a lot about body acceptance and body positivity. Sadly the latter is being overtaken by marketers spying an opportunity. 

But the importance of acceptance is greater than ever. In a world where images are photoshopped to an unrealistic degree, where media judges women on their size and age, and anything ‘different’ is subject to bullying and ridicule. We need more positivity, acceptance and love in our lives. 

And now the UK (and the world) has it’s first festival dedicated to body acceptance.

The Bodykind Festival is taking place 13-15 October in Devon. It’s dedicated to honouring life in its various forms – no matter your race, gender, sexuality, or ability, it really is a place where everyone really can just be themselves.



In a world where it’s all to easy to compare yourself to others, this event is about celebrating the variation of the human form. As someone who has never really fit in to one mould, and for whom it took years of questioning to realise that I actually don’t want to be the norm, that makes me bloody happy. 


And I still kind of wish someone had made me realise it sooner. 

The event is completely non-profit and is community based – aiming to encourage everyone to find ways of feeling comfortable in their own skin. Speakers at the main event on Saturday include Bodyposipanda, Harnaam Kaur, Amy Godfrey, and Chris Paradox – and the rest of the weekend features yoga, comedy, music, theatre and film.

I can only hope that this is the first of many festivals celebrating bodies, and people in all their forms. 

We need more celebration of diversity.




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