Blow Ltd Beauty Bar: Debenhams, Manchester

It’s barely 7:30am, it’s cold, I haven’t had any coffee yet, and I’m barely functioning.

But I’m in the city, and I’ve a stop to make on my way into work. For once I’m not relying on myself to do my hair and face – well let’s face it, when it comes to the former, we’re talking less like fancy blow dry and more like naturally dry, shove some serum on it and pin it away from my face.

No I have a date with Blow Ltd at their new Beauty Bar at Debenhams. For once I will arrive at the office, perfectly coiffured with eyeliner that doesn’t look like a toddler got into my make up bag. One day I’ll find a way to do it myself without squinting carefully, sans glasses in a little hand mirror at my desk.

(And as if any toddler gets anywhere near my make up bag). 



I’m greeted by a bemused security chap (my hair is all floof, my face is, well, yes), and welcomed into the warmth of the beauty bar. Ladies are on hand to manicure, blow dry and make up your face, and I’m pleased to note ranges such as Kerastase sitting close by to help tame this floof into something resembling a successful thirty something woman (fake it to make it, right?). 



Fuelled by coffee (it was a launch, but 7:30am might have been a bit too early for something more than that, even for me) I sat through the careful ministrations of my eyebrows, eyeliner and shadow. The look was far more professional than I could ever manage, and made me (almost) wish I had a big presentation or event to run. It being ‘right’ is such a boost to your confidence, I damn near strutted into work.

The same went for my hair. From floof to….


… Sleek coiffured curls. If it weren’t for my bank balance, I could do this every morning. And both the hair and makeup lasted all day, through meetings, and emails and minor supplier tantrums.



Whilst I’m definitely going to suggest booking in before a big evening do, hot and heavy date, or just because – I’m also going to suggest it before a big work thing too. I felt that how I looked was the last thing I needed to worry about all day, which on the day of a big conference or event, is the thing furthest from your mind. You’re usually far too worried about there being enough food, or standing in front of a bunch of people to talk. And yet it can allow you to present the most professional you.

Blow Ltd can come to your office, home, or if that’s just not an option (not everyone has their own work space) you can book in from 7am on weekdays (YES 7AM) to get that polished look. A quick eye make up look can be done in 15 minutes for £15, speedy hair and make up for £40, or you can go full on with a signature package for £50.

See you at the (beauty) bar.


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All treatments received on this visit were complimentary, as I attended at the invitation of Blow Limited. 

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