Birthday Giveaway

I know that Wednesday’s are normally for the Gintlemen, but I’ve hijacked it and, I hope with good reason!

August is my birthday month. The month when I usually celebrate with as many people as possible – I mean what’s a day, when you can have a week, or a month even?

And this year for me is a biggie. Forty. Yeah, I know, I don’t look it. I’d like to say it’s clean living and broccoli, but it’s more good genes, using Savlon as a moisturiser, and gin. I’m preserved well. Pickled even.  

So to celebrate this big old birthday of mine, I figure it’s only fair if I share the love. Or gin in my case. I’ve raided my gin stash and found a bottle or two that I think you might like. And a copa glass all or your own to drink it from. 

So, what can you win? 

1 bottle of Forest Gin
1 bottle of Fenney Street Gin
1 bottle of Sir Robin of Locksley Gin
1 bottle of Kuro Gin (kindly donated by Kuro)
1 boxed Copa glass from Franklin & Sons, along with six ready to drink cans of their tonic mixed with Portobello Road Gin (perfect for sharing!)

Of course, if I happen to find any other unopened bottles of gin, I’ll of course add them to the prize. But unopened? Hmm, yeah, they’re thin on the ground. 

So how to enter? Simple. The competition will run until my birthday, when I’ll pick a winner. And there are three ways to enter. Comment on here, follow me on Twitter, and/or follow me on Instagram (don’t worry, you can unfollow afterwards).

Terms and conditions apply – and good luck! 

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And now for the science bit. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • This giveaway is open to residents of the United Kingdom only.
  • You must be aged over 18 to enter. (I will require proof if I’m unsure).
  • The competition is open from 1 August 2018 and will close at midnight on 27 August 2018, after which the draw will take place and the winners notified (within 24 hours).
  • There are no cash alternatives, or alternative prizes on offer. The decision is final and will be drawn via 
  • I will contact the winner by both email and via Twitter as long as both are detailed in the entry comment.
  • You will be disqualified for not fulfilling the instructions, all entries will be checked.

65 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway

  1. I would share it with my Little Brother bebacse of me he loves gin now and because of you I love gin now.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Share the gin? No, no, no! Especially not when it comes to something as lush as Forest Gin! (It does help that my partner is an avowed rum drinker, all the more for me!)

  3. What a lovely idea. I always say gin is my greatest passion in life apart from singing in a fabulous male voice choir. I remember when it was my 40th birthday I ended up carrying 6 bottles home that people had bought me. Have a gintastic birthday month!

  4. Happy Birthday! Can one ever too much Gin … got a couple of bottles when I hit the big 4… O last month

    1. Thank you beautiful. It’s an old picture, but hopefully I can recreate something similar this year! xxx

  5. Happy 40th Birthday! Wishing you a lovely day. August is a great month for a Birthday, mine is on the 12th. X

  6. Happy birthday month! I turned 40 in May and depleted all our gin supply by celebrating on every possible occasion! It’s a big birthday but a good one x

  7. I love gin in a tin and I was disappointed when the film of The Girl On The Train switched to New York and had vodka in a sports bottle instead of gin in a tin.

  8. Happy 40th Birthday

    You asked who we’d share it with. So if I have to share it will be with my hubby

  9. I’d share it with my lovely boyfriend, who gets home tomorrow after three long months working away!

  10. I would share with my hubby to celebrate his 40th, we are going away for a 2 night break next month in a lodge with a hot tub, this would make the perfect treat. Happy 40th Birthday to you too!

  11. I Love August, my daughter was born on the 8th, her cousin on the 9th and her brother my nephew, on the 24th and inbetween my dad and niece were both born on 17th. I have just had great results from my dads investigations and he has been given the all clear!! So I think it would be my dad. With Love xxx

  12. I have several friends who have expressed an interest in exploring gin (and a couple of them even make their own gin: Myken distillery), so I think I’d arrange a tasting: It will not be a problem to find eager participants.

  13. I tried to leave a comment on my phone yesterday but it wouldn’t let me! (I followed on Insta though, so you can check that!)

    It’d definitely be with my best friend who’s helped me through some tough times in the last years. And his wife, as soon as she’s had the baby in November!!

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