Beach House Brunch: The Laundrette, Manchester

I’ve was lucky enough to work with The Laundrette over on First Street for World Gin Day Manchester. Of course, this called for lots of meetings over dinner, as well as brunch and lunch. 

But the meetings were usually held with notepads, and pens, and laptops. More focus on what was being done as opposed to what was being eaten. 

This weekend was a fun visit rather than a working one. Their last Beach House brunch of the season called for letting my hair down a little, putting the laptop away, and indulging in food, cocktails and fizz. 

Known for their ‘cocktails and carbs’, the Beach House Brunch is no different. Fizz, cocktails, and treats from their menu over 2.5 hours, with a DJ and saxophonist and just a touch of glitter. Bouncy, cheesy, Sunday fun. And having worked up an appetite in the gym beforehand I was ready for all of the above. 

Glass of fizz in hand, cocktails were our first selection. Yes, we double parked. Blueberry Gin Mojito for me, MILF for my date. Mine was a gently sweet hit of freshness, my date’s that little bit sweeter and full of strawberries. The perfect match for our first dish from the brunch menu. 

Sweet stuff first, soft little pancakes with maple syrup and fruit. Just a taster – after all you can order anything on the list as often as you like, so you can try a little of everything.

The wings were a favourite. So good, we had them twice. lots of smoky barbecue sauce slathered onto the wings, contrasting with their crispy skin, and tender meat. 

And just enough sauce left on the plate to dunk our sliders into. 


Bowing to recommendations from our servers, the halloumi skewers were our next choice, and it’s easy to see why everyone loved them. Fresh, summery, just a hint of spice and then salty squeaky cheese. The kind of dish you don’t really want to share, but you do because you’re nice and that’s what nice people do, plus you know that you also ordered pizza and if you have a whole one to yourself you won’t manage to eat your half of the pizza.

Which would be a shame, because such a simple pizza done well is a pleasure. Wood fired, with plenty of tomato, cheese, fresh basil and a little pesto. 

It’s enough to make your tastebuds sad that your tummy is full. And ours were. Sadly, no room for the last dishes in the menu, so we sipped, gossiped, laughed, and shoulder boogied (I mean, our tummies were too full for dancing, but the music was still tempting). 

There might not be a Beach House Brunch on over the summer, and truth be told, over the summer there may be no more Laundrette at First Street.

But I can’t wait for their rebrand to be complete, so I can stop by for a little something something. Cocktails and carbs are perfect for any season. 


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