Bar Review: The Hanging Bat, Edinburgh

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed (via the power of social media) that I’ve been offline a little bit. Last week, myself and Mr GFB treated ourselves to a little trip out of town for our wedding anniversary (9 years, thank you for asking, no I don’t know how we’ve managed it either, but we’ve still not killed each other yet, so we’ll keep going for now). 

Given we’ve not been away for ages (I think our last holiday was about 3 years ago), I leant gently on the power of fate – and availability on AirBnB and landed us a bit of a bargain – a little apartment just off the Royal Mile, two nights of food, booze and prettiness that is Edinburgh. 

Our first port of call (after we’d picked up coffee and milk – we have priorities) was beer. Luckily, I’d been pointed in the direction of The Hanging Bat and, after ogling both the food and the gin menu online, and spotting how close it was to where we were staying, it was always going to be our first stop. 

Oh, did I mention they do gin?




The beer menu was excellent and as I sipped Up Smoke Kriek (a collab between Summer Wine and The Hanging Bat) we spotted a fair few familiar names – Marble, Cloudwater, and later on a little Chorlton Brewery. It was home away from home. 

The food too was excellent.


Pulled pork wrap, and a dog that was thick, smoked and cushioned in a perfectly soft and chewy brioche roll. Oh and the haggis nachos.



Yes, you read correctly. 

Warm nachos, a little melted cheese, crumbled haggis, salsa, guacamole, sliced chillies and sour cream. I have found my new favourite way to eat haggis – and I certainly wasn’t averse to it in the first place.

It was so good, that just before heading back to our home for the next two nights, we had a second round. You know, just to make sure we weren’t dreaming.




We weren’t.

But divine though they were, the best bit about The Hanging Bat for me (though it was a very close run thing) wasn’t the beer or the haggis topped nachos. It was the gin list.




It’s not huge, but it is eclectic. Which meant that even I spotted half a dozen I hadn’t sampled yet and needed to try – as well as your standard styles, there were oak aged, genever style and even a rye based rested gin that had me pushing the tonic to one side entirely.

They treat the gin list with the same care they treat their beer list. Looking for flavour, picking the unusual, those that are just a little bit special. Ideal given I’m reliably informed Edinburgh drinks more gin than any other city in the UK (Manchester, you can do better). 

As both a beer drinker and a gin drinker, I can happily get behind that.

And those haggis topped nachos. 



Everything in this post was paid for by us. 

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