Bar Review: Bock Biere Cafe

Though gin may be my first love, I’m certainly not averse to other forms of alcohol – far from it. One of my favourites is beer. 

There’s a definite cross over between gin and beer. You take basic ingredients (neat spirit, juniper, water/grain, hops, yeast and water) and after that the creativity knows no bounds. Variations in time, temperature, methods, additional ingredients – even the type of water or yeast you use can have an effect on the finished product. There’s a certain combination of science and creativity that’s prevalent in the production of both.

Both make a geek like me happy.

And it turns out that another place that makes a geek like me happy is Bock Biere Cafe.



Bock has taken the place of Filthy Cow – and the venue couldn’t be more different.

The decor reminds me of the cafes of Lille and Paris. Something that borders on ‘old man pub’ in a good way – comforting, comfortable, relaxed – and perfect when the weather is a little grey and grim. It’s the kind of space that makes me want to sit on a squishy sofa, with a good book (or good company depending on my mood) and sip a good beer and ignore the rest of the world.

On this particular evening, we were going to be indulging in a little beer tasting with other Canal St Card members, but we were early and in need of sustenance before the beer fun began. Selecting a sipper to keep us company while we waited, I indulged in a tradition I’d discovered whilst visiting Buxton for an event. The Kopstootje – we perhaps know it as a dog’s nose. It’s the sister of the boilermaker – beer with a shot – but in this case gin instead of whisky.



And then came the food.



Chistorra (similar to chorizo), chips, brie and deep fried pickles – and yes this was a sharer between two. Much like the venue, it’s comforting, with a generous helping even for a sharer. To be honest, anywhere that does a Sunday Roast fondue (with rich gravy instead of cheese) was going to be a winner for me, but this was just what we needed after a long day at work, and before a selection of beers upstairs. 



I love this place. I’ve already made plans to head back. Not too often, because as I said at the beginning, gin is my first love. Plus, even I must admit, too many platters like that and I’ll need bigger pants. And yes I know I could order something lighter, but I just don’t want to.

Now if you need me, I’ll be in the corner with a good gory murder mystery and a glass of something delicious.


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All food was paid for by ourselves. 

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