Bar Opening: Vesper, Manchester

As I write this, I wonder if this should say bar re-opening? Because it’s the same people, the same space, just a new name, a new menu and a new look.

The bar on Pall Mall (off King Street) formerly known as Liquorice, is now Vesper – think Italian, think gold, deep forest green (that just happens to go very well with my hair, and light shades of marble. It’s lighter, brighter, and cleaner. The terrace too has had a bit of a tidy, and though they haven’t expanded the space, it feels like they’ve somehow managed to make a little more of the space, including it’s nooks and crannies. 



Drinks wise, you’ll get the same classics, along with some of their own twists – at the opening itself there were one or two experimental cocktails doing the rounds. I remain unconvinced about the banana (though in general for me they are more for a post run snack than a cocktail) though the espresso martini with popcorn syrup and garnish did seem to go down rather well.

Away from the cocktails (though at 2 for £12 before 7pm every day, that’s a tough move) there are a selection of beers, wines and enough brews to keep you going during the day. 

And I must admit, on a warm summer day, I can imagine their outside terrace would be a popular spot to get a little work done – sunglasses, Americano, laptop. Sorted. 

At least until you can stop and hit the gin instead.

Oh, did I mention the gins are two for £10? No, well…. Might see you there later then?


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