Bar Opening: Marigot Bay, Altrincham

Though gin may be the flavour of the month (year? Decade?) rum isn’t so far behind. 

So it’s probably not much of a surprise that the rum loving Drinks Enthusiast has set up his own rum bar down in Altrincham. After all, he lives locally, and as he already has the Riddles Emporium nearby, it means he can split his time between the two sites and all the other stuff he does, like training, tasting events and writing. He’s a busy chap. 

As I’m no stranger to a little rum fun, I headed over for a nosey at his new place, and to sample a cocktail or two. 

First things first, don’t follow Google Maps to get there. Google will tell you to go up a side street and confusingly lead you a merry dance, as discovered by my date. Simply walk down Stamford New Road (the big long main street you’ll see when you get off at the station) and keep walking til you see this:


Then turn right onto King’s Court. It’s a quiet little secluded courtyard, host to The Cheshire Tap, King’s Cafe and of course the Marigot Bay Bar & Cafe itself.

Named after Marigot Bay in St Lucia, it’s a relaxed venue with a big back bar, offering beers, tropical cocktails and if it’s a little early yet for something boozy, coffee and cocoa. The walls feature some of the bits and pieces Dave has collected on his travels, and the warm Caribbean theme continues with a little local radio in the background. 

On the drinks front, it’s easy to get lost in a world of rum. I began with a rum and ginger as a refresher, before turning my eye to the cocktail menu. Alongside the main menu, every month there will be a theme, supported by a brand – so there’s plenty of choice. And whilst there are plenty of long tall delights to sample, I of course, went with some short sippers. 

My favourite, was probably The Governor which has it’s roots in Mauritius with Penny Blue VSOP rum Blanc Vermouth, Cointreau and Maraschino. It’s distinctly grown up, and the rum adds a really lovely dry woodiness to the drink that suited me perfectly. 

If it’s a favourite drink of your host, it’s definitely worth a try – and the Cause for Concern is certainly that. Think Negroni, but with a rich sweet spiced element from the Chairman’s Reserve Spiced, and you’re there. 

And one for luck? El Presidente. This pretty has it’s origin in Havana, and featured Doorly’s 3 Year Old from Barbados, Blanc Vermouth and Dry Curacao. Another elegant coupe just made for sipping in the sun. 

If you’re missing a little sunshine in your life, the Marigot Bay might just have enough Caribbean spice, and tropical vibes to fix it. 


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