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The summer holidays are approaching, and as parents are starting to wonder what to do with the kids, I’m looking at that long bank holiday weekend, wondering how to spend it.
I love taking a day off and spending it on me. I might hit the gym in the morning, but then have a very leisurely lazy breakfast while everyone is heading off to work, and yes shopping might be on the agenda, but more likely, I’ll want to spend my afternoon exploring.
Manchester is a diverse place, and changing all the time. I can happily wander around in a world of my own, eyeing the architecture – new buildings and old – discovering new places and revisiting old ones. I love exhibitions and installations and we live in a growing city with an artistic heart.
This is where the Art Map Project comes in.  It’s a completely independent website, designed to promote ‘Art For All’ and it finds all the little public spaces which show art.  From the big exhibitions in Whitworth Art Gallery and the Museum of Science and Industry, to those in cafes and bars, such as Kosmonaut and Takk, and all the little spaces in between that you might not have thought of.
You can select a subject, search for art or a venue, or just scan the map and check out each little exhibition. Everything big or small, from well known artist to new kid on the block is listed. Both permanent and temporary exhibitions are listed, so if you’re looking for something there forever, or fleetingly passing through, you’ll find it.
It’s also not for profit – it makes no money, just aims to bring you everything that the city has to offer. Photographs, pencil drawing, cartoons, textiles, everything is treated the same, so you’ll be able to find something that intrigues you.
As for me, I’m going to find a quiet day, disconnect from the world, head out on my own and explore. 
And the best bit is, who knows where I’ll end up?

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