The Gintlemen: My Sense of League Cup Balance

This week Adrian talks about the mini me in his life.


Hi, I’m Adrian and I am honoured to have been asked by Charlie to be a gintleman!

There is a slight omission from my introduction and I had better say it now, or what follows may not always make sense! As well as being a step dad to 5, I have a daughter of my own, Charlotte. My bundle of fun is nearly 22, but I still see her like the first time we met! 

October the 5th 1995, most importantly the day after Paul Peschidolido blasted home a winning goal in the league cup for my beloved Stoke City away at Chelsea.



Anyway enough about that…I was a little bit nervous, I had read the book, knew everything, or so I thought, I took my mum with me! She was my emotional crutch! My daughter you see decided to wait a fortnight after her due date before gracing us with her presence, induced the whole labour was over in 20 minutes! 

Mum was at the business end, I was doing the brow mopping, and the please don’t squeeze my hand too hard! Then without so much as a party popper, there she was, a bawling,bloody baby, wrapped in a towel, with a kiss like birthmark on her leg, “oh it’s what you both wanted” said my mum, little did I know how the course of the next two decades would shape our lives, but in that instant I was Pesch, slotting the ball past the keeper…

So began Charlotte, she was a wonder, one end gave out odours that Fungus the Bogeyman would baulk at, the other first consumed, then regurgitated milk, as the diet changed she began absorbing foods. Wotsits turned her into an orange glowing laughing machine, liquorice into something completely different.

My life changed so much in those first few months, I had to stop doing things that had till that point defined me, and grow up, money became tight, moods became sour, but then new noises were uttered, DA DA! Smiles, teeth, shoes, weekly there was something new, crawling then walking, then running, tomato rustling! I had found my partner in crime, then everything changed, but that’s for another day, until then I was still Pesch scoring that goal, and Charlotte was the one I would turn too and hug first.

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