Restaurant Review: My Thai, Manchester

When Splendid Kitchen closed, I was torn. 

I was going to miss their fried chicken (I still do, I mean seriously). But knowing the guys behind it, I knew they hadn’t taken the decision lightly. They were doing what was right for them. 

But that still meant I was going to resent the restaurant that snapped up their space. For a little while anyway – My Thai, a small chain from Leeds had swooped in and taken the space and filled it with their own brand of spice. Finally I’ve made my peace with the loss of Splendid (I’m still grieving for good fried chicken), and headed in for a visit. And just in time, given they’re opening their brand new site in the Northern Quarter very soon.



A lot hasn’t changed. The loos are still the same, the floor – even some of the booths remain – but everything else is reminiscent of a street food market in Thailand. Well, at least a little bit. Bright colours, simple seating, carts playing host to the Thai crackers and sweet chilli just waiting to be handed out. 

The first thing that strikes you is the authenticity. These are Thai staples – corn cakes, to fish cakes, Pad Thai to Pad Num Prik Pao. The second thing that strikes you is the price. These are… ridiculously reasonable. Starters range from £1.50 to £3.50, and mains are £7.50-8.50. 

So there’s no reason not to order a selection of starters. 



Along with Thai crackers and a really good sweet chilli sauce that packed a nice bite, we dove into dense sweet corn cakes, soft spiced fish cakes, and rich pork dumplings. Everything was authentically spiced, nothing felt out of place, or too westernised (though the heat levels probably are, at least a little bit). 

Onto mains and whilst my date went for the classic Pad Thai, I opted for Lad Nah – a noodle broth filled with seafood. 



Again, portions were healthy for the price point. So much so, my date took the second half of her Pad Thai home as the plentiful prawns and chicken proved too much on top of the starters. 



Mine too was a filling number. Flat rice noodles filled the bowl alongside with lots of squid and fat juicy prawns, just warmed gently in the rich broth. It was just what I needed – healthy, healing and very, very filling.

OK My Thai. You win. You are great value, the staff are downright lovely, and the food is just delicious. I have no doubt at all that I’ll be back to enjoy more noodles, fried rice and maybe chat to you about that sweet chilli sauce, as it’s pretty damn good. 

I still miss fried chicken though. 



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All the food and drink consumed during this visit was paid for by ourselves. 

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