Restaurant Opening: Baltic Cellar Staff Room Bourbon & Black City Spa Escapes

November 24, 2014

Staff Room

November 21, 2014

Bourbon & Black

November 20, 2014

City Spa Escapes



Restaurant Opening: Baltic Cellar

Manchester isn’t exactly over run with Russian or even Eastern Block restaurants. Working as I do with Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians… Continue reading »


Staff Room

I have to admit, I’m a little bit rubbish at watching TV. I can’t really sit still long enough –… Continue reading »

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Bourbon & Black

I love lazy Sundays. Mine rarely are, which is why when they happen, they are real treat. And I mean… Continue reading »


City Spa Escapes

On a street, not too far from the Great John Street Hotel, is an office block. As you walk inside,… Continue reading »

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Sugar Junction: Cocktail School

Sugar Junction may be more well known for it’s cakes than it’s cocktails, but it has a small but perfectly… Continue reading »